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When the Man in Black Went to Bat for Native America
A recasting of Johnny Cash's most controversial album, Bitter Tears, raises questions about the inclusiveness of American music. [31.Jul.14]
The Assassins' Propaganda
Black Flag isn’t interested in breaking the world into two opposing ideologies. It’s interested in how those ideologies sell themselves to a broken world. [30.Jul.14]
Living and Dying for Silent Film
Home video companies such as Kino Lorber, the Criterion Collection, and Flicker Alley have been instrumental in meeting the changing methods of distributing silent film. [29.Jul.14]
'Shutter', 'Saga' and 'The Private Eye' Showcase the Best of What Comics Can Do
The best creators will find ways to make the best use of whatever medium they are working in. [28.Jul.14]
On Those Who Must Work as Whores, and Those Who Can Afford to Just Play at It
The debate about sex work is usually about the spectacle that accompanies “sex”, rather than about the sex workers and the work of sex. That needs to change. [25.Jul.14]
Recent Columns
A Passion Play tends to draw the most resistance from even prog-rock aficionados; it obliges time and attention to let it work its charms.[24.Jul.14]
Ukraine was once considered the musical heartland of the Russian Empire, its culture thriving between the cracks of various powerful and competing empires.[23.Jul.14]
American Revolutionary wants to offer the appearance of revolution while anesthetizing any deeper understanding of the forces involved.[22.Jul.14]
Recent films from the action-masala genre project India as a global sheriff, replacing a toothless West as an expression of muscular nationalism. [21.Jul.14]
With Google looking to buy Twitch, we take a look back into an early form of videogame spectating and what it means in the context of that acquisition.[17.Jul.14]
A couple years after its demise, it's time to look back at how brilliant and confusing Mike White and Laura Dern's series really was. [16.Jul.14]
Smoke Sessions Records is doing it old-school: recording the best musicians in New York playing mainstream jazz that cooks. [15.Jul.14]
Women in jazz can sing about their same-sex experiences, while men tend to stay deeply in the closet. Odd, considering the genre once embraced such dalliances.[11.Jul.14]
In evaluating what makes a great film score, writers, composers, and listeners must ask themselves if the function of cinematic music limits the form it has to take.[10.Jul.14]
Parenthood comes with a lot of change, and a lot of decisions to be made, including this one: What’s your musical strategy?[9.Jul.14]
Young Adult literature is not just for kids, and it fills an important niche left vacant by much of contemporary "adult" fiction.[8.Jul.14]
Marvel owns characters and its profits come from comics sales, film tickets, lunch boxes, etc. As such, character identification fluctuates easily between media.[7.Jul.14]
A furious mix of hip-hop beats, Arabic primal screams and punk-rock guitars, Taha brilliantly battles against the ideologies of both Western and Arab traditions. [2.Jul.14]
Capital offers a savage critique of capitalism and the banking industry, but it fails to imagine its ability to sustain its inhumane and self-destructive practices. [30.Jun.14]
Sometimes it seems like Rob Brydon is everywhere in the comedy world. And that's a good thing.[27.Jun.14]
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