Someone Else's South America: Louis C. K. Considers Life on Other Planets
Louie knows that if we do, ever, really encounter aliens, they're sure as hell not going to bend over backwards to accommodate our point of view. 4 June 15 // 2:05 AM
As 'The Longest Journey' Makes Clear, a Good Story Is Not Timeless
The Longest Journey isn’t just dated because it has obtuse puzzles and blocky graphics. It’s dated because it tells a serious story that it doesn't know how to take seriously. 3 June 15 // 2:30 AM
Neoliberalism Is Changing Our World Without Our Even Noticing
Wendy Brown charts the ‘stealth revolution’ that’s transforming every aspect of society -- and now has democracy in its sights. 2 June 15 // 2:30 AM
In 'The Bridges of Madison County', Meryl Streep Proves She Is the Author of Her Films
It takes a superior actress to convey a character’s entire history in one scene, and in this film, at least, Meryl Streep does it masterfully. 1 June 15 // 2:30 AM
Let the Face Speak for Itself: Hard Features in 'The White Buffalo'
The mortal authenticity of Charles Bronson’s face needed no surgical denials or plastic justifications, unlike the onscreen stars of today's image-obsessed culture. 28 May 15 // 2:30 AM
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The problem isn't that Rihanna's "American Oxygen" fails as political art, it's that we might consider it a success instead of a mere gesture.6 May 15 // 2:30 AM
Cover songs don't have to be all that bad. Just listen to what Becca Stevens and Jason Moran have been doing lately, and you'll see.5 May 15 // 2:30 AM

Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

// Marginal Utility

"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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