Culture and History for the Age of Trump

Culture and History for the Age of Trump

By Mark Reynolds

6 Jan 2017 // 1:30 AM

History doesn’t always tell us how to get it right. It sometimes warns us of the cost of getting it wrong. Art steeped in that history can remind us, if we’re paying attention....

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The Continuing Voyages: 'Star Trek' Reboot Fandom and 'Prime Universe' Canon

By Cait Coker

28 Sep 2016 // 1:15 AM

Just as there's no beginning or ending to works of the imagination, the possibilities of story cannot be exhausted. ...

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'Suicide Squad' Is Sent to Save the Day for Warner Bros.' DC Comics Movies>

Now, both in the Warner Bros. executive suites and among legions of die-hard DC fans around the world, all eyes are on the bad guys to save the day....

TV show 'Lucifer' Is Morbidly Fascinating and Perversely Entertaining>

Fantagraphics Artist Daniel Clowes Takes on Gender Inequality in Comics Establishment>

A Who's Who and What's What of 'Gotham's' Second Season + Harley Quinn>

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Anthologies of Serial Exposure

// Re:Print

"Serial anthologies challenge us to ask what constitutes a comic and consider the possibilities of what they can be.

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