Loyalty and Tribalism in 'The Names'

Loyalty and Tribalism in 'The Names'

By Matthew Derman

29 May 2015 // 2:45 AM

The nastiest, scariest, most threatening villains in The Names are a group of betrayers within the Names known as the League of Psychopaths, and this is only the beginning....

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A Job for Superman: On Multiversity, Convergence and These Precious Mortal Hours

By Gregory L. Reece

22 May 2015 // 8:35 AM

The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 begins with a return to the beginning of the superhero genre, but not the real beginning....

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China Is the Latest Market for Comic-con Organizers to Conquer>

Forty-five years after Comic-Con International launched as a little gathering in San Diego, later exploding into a pop-culture juggernaut spawning dozens of similar events around the US, the phenomenon is going global....

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The 15 Best Chris Claremont X-Men Stories

// Graphic Novelties

"The X-Men's greatest adventures came from the mind of their greatest writer. We narrow down 53 years' worth of X-Men stories to the 15 best ones.

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