Does Mariko Tamaki Think in a Gothic Font?

Does Mariko Tamaki Think in a Gothic Font?

By Chris Gavaler

20 Jun 2017 // 2:00 AM

Mariko Tamaki’s words exist in an in-between state, neither entirely physical nor entirely a free-floating consciousness....

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It All Began the Day 'Blade' Sliced Through the Silver Screen

By Michael Curley

14 Jun 2017 // 2:30 AM

How Blade found success out of the rubble of comic book films and Marvel's bankruptcy....

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Of Batwomen and Squirrel Girls: Why Comics Are Becoming Increasingly Female>

When C2E2 2017 begins Friday in Chicago, the comic book publishing industry will look much more female than it has been in decades....

'Suicide Squad' Is Sent to Save the Day for Warner Bros.' DC Comics Movies>

TV show 'Lucifer' Is Morbidly Fascinating and Perversely Entertaining>

Fantagraphics Artist Daniel Clowes Takes on Gender Inequality in Comics Establishment>

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Anthologies of Serial Exposure

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"Serial anthologies challenge us to ask what constitutes a comic and consider the possibilities of what they can be.

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