Believe Me! Trumpism and the Messianic Impulse

Believe Me! Trumpism and the Messianic Impulse

By Iain Ellis

13 Feb 2017 // 2:00 AM

Mario Cuomo once said that candidates campaign in poetry then govern in prose; Trump’s utterances, however, might better be characterized as speaking in tongues. ...

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The Spoiled Little Man-Child They Made King: Celebrity, Richard II, and Donald Trump

By Colin Dray

9 Feb 2017 // 2:00 AM

Did Shakespeare predict Trump? No. That's ridiculous. He just wrote a play about a thin-skinned, petty, self-aggrandising narcissist whose poor leadership drove an empire to ruin. Totally different....

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Cassettes Are Back, As 'Dead' Media Won't Die>

Two years ago, something unexpected happened: Musical artists and record labels started ramping up their cassette tape requests in a major way. ...

Entertainment's Place in Post-Attack Rebuttal>

Destination: Disappointment, by Banksy>

Years Before Court Ruling, Pop Culture Shaped Same-Sex Marriage Debate>

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'Who' Will Be the Next Doctor?

// Channel Surfing

"What shall it be? A Doctor with whip-smart delivery of his lines? A woman who will bewitch before she kicks a Dalek's ass? Oh, the possibilities...

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