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The Beaver and more

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The Beaver

Director: Jodie Foster
Cast: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence

6 May
The Beaver

Jodie Foster must still be wondering which of the moviemaking gods she angered. After passing on Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey, she chose old Maverick buddy Mel Gibson to play the role of a depressed toy company CEO who uses a discarded puppet to regain his grasp on reality. Then the aging star turned into a literal ‘Mad Max’ as his real life issues with baby mama Oksana turned into titanic TMZ fodder. Even now, months after the recorded message mayhem (and accompanying social commentary) Gibson still wears a stain that no amount of amazing acting can erase. Foster has her work cut out for her. If anyone can overcome such a stigma, she can… maybe.


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Last Night

Director: Massy Tadjedin
Cast: Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet, Stephanie Romanov

6 May
Last Night

In the ‘70s, marital infidelity was all scandal and social meaning. In the ‘80s, it was part of a post-modern punchline. In the ‘90s, no one cared and the first part of the new millennium sees filmmakers unable to fully fathom the reasons behind such numerous vow violations. The arc ambiguity continues with this Keira Knightley/Sam Worthington effort which sees temptation tear apart a happy couple—or does it. Indeed, the main complaint about this otherwise intriguing indie effort is that nothing really happens and, in the end, nothing is really resolved. Sounds like reality. Also sounds like a movie of limited interest.


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Passion Play

Director: Mitch Glazer
Cast: Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Rhys Ifans, Bill Murray

6 May
Passion Play

Since it’s rumored reputation as one of the worst movies of 2010 (begun at the Toronto Film Festival and carried over through the course of several reviews), many outside the festival circuit wondered if we’d ever get to see this total “trainwreck” of a film. Apparently, someone at Image Entertainment decided that a Summer savvy public was the perfect audience for a surreal fantasy involving a jazz musician (Mickey Rourke), a circus sideshow ‘bird woman’ (Megan Fox), and a villainous businessman who has it out for the both of them (Bill Murray). History suggests a howler. The trailer, sadly, seems to confirm it.

Since deciding to employ his underdeveloped muse muscles over five years ago, Bill has been a significant staff member and writer for three of the Web's most influential websites: DVD Talk, DVD Verdict and, of course, PopMatters. He also has expanded his own web presence with Bill a place where he further explores creative options. It is here where you can learn of his love of Swindon's own XTC, skim a few chapters of his terrifying tome in the making, The Big Book of Evil, and hear samples from the cassette albums he created in his college music studio, The Scream Room.

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