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Everything Must Go

Director: Dan Rush
Cast: Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern, Stephen Root, Michael Pena

13 May
Everything Must Go

Will Ferrell wants to have it both ways. He wants to be the darling of the ditz squad, making people laugh with his oversized and outrageous sense of wit and humor…and then there are moments like these, where he wants to play soft and serious as well as wild and crazy. This time around, writer/director Dan Rush has adapted a Raymond Carver story which involves a man in midlife crisis getting rid of all his possessions in an attempt to rediscover himself. As the trailer indicates, there are ample opportunities for laughs. But just like with previous efforts such as Stranger Than Fiction, Ferrell hopes to work both sides toward a single end. So far, so good.


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Go For It?

Director: Carmen Marron
Cast: Aimee Garcia, Al Bandiero, Jossara Jinaro, Gina Rodriguez, Louie Alegria

13 May
Go For It?

It’s more street dance as salvation for a Mexican American adolescent in this otherwise cliche ridden ride through the Chicago Underground. The storyline surrounding disenfranchised hoofer Carmen and her desire to break out of her family’s cycle of poverty is perfectly preposterous, especially when hard work and an education are trumped by the standard audition to a prestigious performance academy. Toss in one too many quickly edited musical set-pieces and a disingenuous desire to champion even the most elusive of fame and fortune fantasies and you’ve got another heaping helping of Save the Last Dance/Step-Up stupidity.



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The 1st Grader

Director: Justin Chadwick
Cast: Jane Obinchu, Tony Kgoroge, Sam Feuer, Nick Reding, Oliver Litondo, Vusi Kunene

13 May
The 1st Grader

When you hear the storyline - an 84 year old Kenyan (an ex-Mau Mau Freedom Fighter) takes on a different challenge has he battles to get the education he was denied in his youth - you can see how Hollywood would mishandle and hack apart the premise. Luckily, UK ace Justin Chadwick (The Other Boylen Girl) took on the challenge of bringing this true tale to life, and the results have been receiving heavy buzz for the last few months. Certainly there is a twee element to the truth, and many of the actual hardships faced by the characters have to be smoothed out for movie audiences, but this could be a contender come end of the year awards time.


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