Robin Cook's SXSW Video Adventures

Part One

by Robin Cook

27 March 2007

Cook videoblogs from this year's SXSW festival, interviewing Jon Langford, Tommy Ramone, and Vashti Bunyan in the process. Stay tuned tomorrow for Mike Watt and Swamp Dogg.
Jon Langford 

Interviewing artists has its challenges.  One of the biggest challenges involved is actually getting from place to place.  Outside of the SXSW enclave of clubs and bars, it seems nobody goes anywhere on foot.  I stopped at a juice bar to grab a snack before catching a bus to interview Jon Langford.  While I was there, I spoke to the girl behind the counter.  When I told her I was from NYC, she said, “I heard everyone walks there.”  She also mentioned that she took the bus everywhere she went.  Sometimes, I seemed like the only pedestrian for miles around… like when I was walking to Cafe Caffeine to watch Tommy Ramone perform with Uncle Monk.  Happily, a very nice woman gave me a beer when she found out how far I’d come.

But hey, all that walking around was worth it.  Here are the interviews.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Mike Watt and Swamp Dogg.


It’s not such a big jump from punk rock to bluegrass.  Just ask Tommy Ramone, formerly of the You-Know-Who’s, now of Uncle Monk.


Artist, punk, Mekon, country fan, man of a thousand musical projects. Jon Langford is all these.  How does he juggle it all?  And which famous British artist can’t take a joke?  Find out!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


After 30 years as an MIA cult idol, Bunyan found a new audience.  In 2007, she played Carnegie Hall alongside Devendra Banhart and Cocorosie, and now, she’s visiting Austin for the very first time.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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