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Listening Ahead: Upcoming Music Releases for March 2015
By Matthew Fiander and Arnold Pan
Get a sneak peek of some of March's most compelling new releases, including albums from Courtney Barnett, Purity Ring, and Lightning Bolt. [27.Feb.15]
Jeff Lemire on the Coming-Through-Slaughter of Descender
The interview with creator Jeff Lemire on his newest book Descender, which releases in March. [27.Feb.15]
Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, the First Lady of the Black Press
By James McGrath Morris
Ethel Payne's gripping accounts of black life in post-World War II America provided critical information that was largely missing from mainstream journalism. [27.Feb.15]
How 'Descender' Draws a Map of All of Sci-Fi
Released next Wednesday, Descender's a game-changer. Here's why. [26.Feb.15]
Don't Want to Miss This Thing: An Interview with Aerosmith
Aerosmith has released concert DVDs before, but with Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014, they are on the silver screen for one night only. Tom Hamilton tells us about the hits, the fits, and the pursuit of naughty bits. [26.Feb.15]
Recent Features
He was the man behind hits like "Sugar Sugar" and "Rock Me Gently", but Andy Kim discovered something about himself in the creation of It's Decided, his emotional new album created with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew.[25.Feb.15]
Is Birdman's metacommentary the theatre within cinema that it appears to be?[24.Feb.15]
Fresh off of last year's divisive sx_tape and with the classic Candyman to his credit, director Bernard Rose talks horror's past and present, as well as his own forthcoming take on Frankenstein.[24.Feb.15]
As the Gamergate controversy illustrates, Wikipedia’s call for unbiased writing is really a euphemism for the privileging of certain ideologies.[23.Feb.15]
PopMatters speaks with Nightcrawler writer/director and Academy Award nominee Dan Gilroy about writing antiheroes, watching local television news, and questioning the pervasiveness of fear mongering media.[23.Feb.15]
From Roswell to Aztec to Oa. The secret origin of Green Lantern, DC's science fiction superhero, is found among the crashed saucers and contactees of the 1950's UFO movement. [20.Feb.15]
By Christopher A. Brooks and Robert Sims
Performing in a country rife with racism and segregation, the tenor Roland Hayes was the first African-American man to reach international fame as a concert performer.[20.Feb.15]
How does Mino Cinélu tell stories with percussion? Just ask Sting, Kate Bush, or Herbie Hancock. [18.Feb.15]
By Elliot Caroll
The campy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 22 years, 22 seasons and two movies in (and a reboot on the way). Why do we love this show?[17.Feb.15]
By Keenan Norris
As a young professional in the entrepreneurial world of Silicon Valley, Ayori Selassie argues that technology's primary purpose should be to serve human needs first and foremost.[16.Feb.15]
It wasn’t so long ago, 2011, but it felt momentous. It was only a matter of really, until our art would begin to make comment. And what better art than the decades old dystopian fiction of Judge Dredd?[13.Feb.15]
By Ted Gioia
What do evolutionary biology and its founding father, Charles Darwin, have to do with love songs? As it turns out, quite a lot.[13.Feb.15]
The young MC Bang On! may play dumb, but he's sharp as a tack.[12.Feb.15]
Artist Riley Rossmo’s aesthetic energy is a big part of what makes Rasputin click as a comic, a major factor in its unique personality and tone, so any scene as strong and effective as this one must be attributed to him at least to some degree.[12.Feb.15]
By Benjamin Riley
In the world of comic book continuity, if everything is true, anything can happen.[11.Feb.15]
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