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The World Is Ready for 'Star Wars Episode VII'
By Paul Gibbins
All signs point to the upcoming seventh installment of Star Wars remediating the follies of the prequel trilogy and returning the series to its original glory. [20.Apr.15]
Former Katrina and the Waves Singer Finds Her Bliss on New Record
Katrina Leskanich talks about her first solo album in ten years and the 30th anniversary of Katrina and the Waves' mega-hit “Walking on Sunshine”. [20.Apr.15]
Why Don't You Try Writing Your Own Songs?: 'The Bends' and Its Cover Songs
By Scott Elingburg
Three unique takes on tracks from The Bends, spanning the stripped-down acoustic to the full-fledged orchestral, represent how these songs still have the power to stun two decades later. [17.Apr.15]
Say No to the Devil: The Life and Musical Genius of Rev. Gary Davis
By Ian Zack
Who was the greatest of all American guitarists? The relatively unknown blind son of sharecroppers, whom Bob Dylan called “one of the wizards of modern music.” [17.Apr.15]
Every Generation Gets the 'Daredevil' It Deserves
Marvel's Daredevil is a reminder that our pop culture, even that which is rooted in the pulp tradition, can be vivid, vital, and powerful. [17.Apr.15]
Recent Features
Guitarist and songwriter Pete Rutherford talks about his new book The Living Years, his career with Genesis, and his touring with Mike + the Mechanics.[16.Apr.15]
With homages to Little Orphan Annie and Gasoline Alley, there's a lot serious ground to cover in Borb, and a lot of serious laughs.[16.Apr.15]
For the first time in the band's history, Manic Street Preachers will bring the politically charged post-punk of their 1994 LP The Holy Bible in its entirety to American audiences.[15.Apr.15]
The TV and film star unveils her full-length studio debut album, produced by Ben Folds.[15.Apr.15]
From terrorists and authoritarian regimes to government surveillance and control of the Internet, the threats to freedom of expression are greater than ever.[14.Apr.15]
Arguing with your label about Vicodin. Creating a fictional life to write songs about. Embracing "weird crystal-worship party lovers." Just another day in the life of the Wombats.[14.Apr.15]
If Fox really is going jump-start The X-Files, it better not pull any of the stereotypical homophobic crap again.[13.Apr.15]
While OK Computer is important in its own right, The Bends transformed Radiohead from being a potentially indistinguishable Alternative Nation contributor to a band who has redefined the term "rock" for the past two decades. [13.Apr.15]
By Ciarán Ó Muirthile
Every generation has attempted to preserve the most important pieces of its art. It should be just the same with computer games, but often it is not.[10.Apr.15]
By Nick Soulsby
Right from the start, Nirvana had numerous musicians backing their cause.[10.Apr.15]
New Sheriff Clara Bronson comes to Copperhead not because she wants the job but because she needs it. The real reason though, isn’t explained.[10.Apr.15]
By Steven Mintz
The model of a good parent is an ever-changing concept, one at the mercy of the forces of cultural change.[10.Apr.15]
With his new album, the veteran British singer/actor delivers a set of spirited and emotional rock and roll.[9.Apr.15]
By Keenan Norris
There is a game hidden behind the basketball courts and football fields of our universities, an unscrupulous match that mostly advantages the institutions themselves.[8.Apr.15]
In jumping forward from the lackluster Pablo Honey, Radiohead finally started becoming the Radiohead that is idolized today.[8.Apr.15]
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