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The Best Jazz of 2014
By Will Layman and John Garratt
The skeptics who claim jazz is weaker than before simply aren't listening. As these 16 albums reveal, jazz remains on the cutting edge. [18.Dec.14]
The Best World Music of 2014
By Deanne Sole and George de Stefano
The best world music albums of 2014 often possessed some element of exaggeration or extremeness that seemed too unlikely to be fully true, and made you listen to them again and again. [18.Dec.14]
The Best Avant-Garde and Experimental Albums of 2014
By Andrew McDonald
With new albums from icons like Swans, the continued proliferation of vaporwave, and a bevy of exciting new acts, 2014 has been a wonderful year for experimental and avant-garde music. [17.Dec.14]
Continuism: The One Interview with Scott Snyder
With a mind as encyclopedic as Scott Snyder’s all interviews seem to become a single interview. And talking about Wytches #3 (released today) also means talking about parental love, childhood fears and the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA. [17.Dec.14]
The Best Electronic Music of 2014
By Colin Fitzgerald, Benjamin Aspray, and Alan Ranta
The most compelling electronic music of 2014 could be found in thoughtful experimentation and dancefloor-ready fun. But the ones who led the way tended to be pioneers who made their reputations doing just that. [16.Dec.14]
Recent Features
By PopMatters Staff
The music world saw reissues from all over the genre map, spanning classic rock titans to electronic music legends.[15.Dec.14]
Beware: what follows may contain tubas. Also accordions, clarinets, canned gunfire, protest songs, dance songs, songs about roosters, songs about drug cartels, songs using drug cartels as metaphors to make the singers seem intimidating and/or awesome and/or "authentic", songs using roosters the same way, and amor.[15.Dec.14]
By PopMatters Staff
This year's push of stylistic diversity, craft, and experimentation adds fuel to hip-hop's movement into the future.[12.Dec.14]
By Edward P. Comentale, Aaron Jaffe
The Year's Work at the Zombie Research Center answers any questions you might have about the burgeoning field of zombie studies.[12.Dec.14]
Paul Duffield takes us back to the power of Frank Miller’s Daredevils, where the vertical sunless, steel-and-glass canyons of Manhattan, were always repurposed as horizontal spaces.[12.Dec.14]
By Colin McGuire and Devone Jones
With no small amount of soul and passion, the best R&B records of 2014 will make you feel the power of love.[11.Dec.14]
By Ian King
Like emo's first wave, today's revival has taken issue with the category itself. But concerns over labels shouldn't get in the way of appreciating the connections between the subgenre's up-and-comers and legacy acts that reconvened like Y2K never happened.[11.Dec.14]
Today on the Iconographies we begin with Ken Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion, and work our way through Revival and Rachel Rising to Gotham?![11.Dec.14]
By Ryan Lathan
Like a gluttonous monarch with a taste for domination, electronic dance music continued to saturate the airwaves and feast upon the U.S. charts in 2014.[10.Dec.14]
Italian rapper Mondo Marcio turns the bass on Musica da Serial Killer into a weaponized element. Never before have the sensations of death, dread and groove been so synonymous in music.[10.Dec.14]
The finest of the unsung in 2014 remind us of the power of experimentation and tradition, energy and intricacy, discovery and getting lost. [9.Dec.14]
Coming off of the tour of their life, dance mavens the Presets talk about their influences, Chicago house music, and a sneak peak of what we can expect in their next whole decade.[9.Dec.14]
By PopMatters Staff
From Polish black metal to mind-blowing progressive R&B and electronic music, 2014's best albums certainly have something for everyone.[8.Dec.14]
By Adrien Begrand, Dean Brown, Brice Ezell, and Benjamin Hedge Olson
Metal's shining moments in 2014 include a long-awaited reunion, a culmination of a nearly 20-year career, and a sophomore outing that rose to the occasion.[5.Dec.14]
By Marcus Baram
In this excerpt from his book on legendary soul singer Gil Scott-Heron, Marcus Baram recounts Scott-Heron's crucial time touring with Stevie Wonder. [5.Dec.14]
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