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There's Always a Streak of Cold in the Warm: An Interview with iamamiwhoami
In a rare interview, iamiwhoami's Jonna Lee opens up about the project's development, its future, and the two full-length albums she scrapped along the way to making the stunning blue. [20.Nov.14]
Sarge, should we hate the Jerries?: Examining 'Charley's War'
There is a corner of the British comics industry that is forever devoted to the portrayal of warfare. [20.Nov.14]
Scott Walker and Sunn O))): If You Don't Beat Me, the Stasi Will
Soused’s trapped, bleating circus elephants are harbingers of the prison-planet drones and transhuman monstrosities yet to come. Prepare for heightened beatings, motherfuckers. [19.Nov.14]
Modern Romance and Skype Sex: An Interview with Kate Lyn Sheil
Many films this year have dealt with how the internet and social media has changed the romantic landscape, and Kate Lyn Sheil, star of The Heart Machine, has more than a few thoughts of her own on the subject. [19.Nov.14]
Jumping the Shark and Surviving: A Reappraisal of the Fifth Season of 'Happy Days'
By Daniel R. Budnik
"Jumping the shark" may be a fun and lingering trope in popular culture, but its truth in relation to the Happy Days episode from which it gets its name is questionable. [18.Nov.14]
Recent Features
Starring in a film directed by Jean-Luc Godard is an intimidating prospect (especially when it's in 3D), but not only did Héloise Godet rise to the challenge, she's starting to get rave reviews of her own.[18.Nov.14]
By Robert Balkovich
In reinterpreting the words and music of their male peers, songwriters like Tori Amos and Joan Baez create whole new works of art.[17.Nov.14]
By Thomas May
While owning a record may seem commonplace, some artists hold the controversial view that these "postcards" actually ruin the musical landscape.[14.Nov.14]
By Jessica R. Pliley
America’s first anti–sex trafficking law, meant to protect women, more often resulted in the policing of women’s sexual behavior.[14.Nov.14]
This restoration of the television classic will remind you of all that was wonderful and odd, sweet and quirky, intriguing and terrifying about Twin Peaks.[14.Nov.14]
The veteran indie singer-songwriter discusses the past, present, and future of the Dismemberment Plan, how D'Angelo and Pearl Jam influenced their music, and what it's like to grow up making records.[13.Nov.14]
Provocative filmmaker Ruben Östlund's Force Majeure is getting awards buzz for setting the story of a crumbling marriage on avalanche-prone ice slopes.[13.Nov.14]
The reason Ms. Marvel is so capable of dealing with the enormous shifts in her life is that, underneath all of her typical teenage fear and doubt, she very much knows who she is.[13.Nov.14]
The “true” codes of the Western hero, as borne out in an excavation of the subtleties in major films of the canon, are really more perverse than moral, more calculating than artless.[12.Nov.14]
He's produced hits for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more, but on his forthcoming Ryan Adams-produced album, Butch Walker explores some of the darkest corners of his soul. [12.Nov.14]
By Katja Huru
Despite claims that The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen represents a step forward for women, her self-sacrificial streak reveals just how unfree she really is.[11.Nov.14]
Margaret Brown chides at questions about being a female filmmaker, but that's nothing compared to the subjects of her film The Great Invisible, dealing with the personal toll that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill took on people's livelihoods.[11.Nov.14]
By Romina Cucchiara
Pink Floyd’s concept album The Wall is a key example of an artwork that the studies of the musical theatre are missing out.[10.Nov.14]
James Muschler, drummer for EDM and dubstep infused jazz trio Moon Hooch, discusses his group's new record, being shut down by the cops, and finding happiness in jazz. [10.Nov.14]
The bad boy of rock and the badass of metal. This is Nick Oliveri without a filter.[7.Nov.14]
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