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Halloween '75: Dracula, the Spider and the Pompatous of Love
I remember that Halloween, Halloween 1975. I wanted to dress as Spider-Man… [30.Oct.14]
Four of a Kind: A Breakdown of Sloan's 'Commonwealth'
By Aaron Pinto
Sloan's jaw-dropping double album Commonwealth strikes a perfect synergy between the band's identity and the collective identities of its members. [30.Oct.14]
One Chord to Another: A Retrospective on the Records of Sloan
By Aaron Pinto
We look through the varied and vivacious 20-year discography of Sloan album by album, charting this underrated group's significant achievements. [29.Oct.14]
Power to the People: An Interview with Basement Jaxx
Many Jaxx fans were surprised by the relatively-straightforward nature of the duo's latest effort, Junto, but the way Felix tells it, it's a deliberately unexpected move from the Grammy-nominated duo. [29.Oct.14]
Sloan Picks Up Where the Beatles Left Off
By Aaron Pinto
Picking up where the Fab Four left off isn't easy, but if one band has done it in the past 30 years, it's Toronto's Sloan. [28.Oct.14]
Recent Features
Although our heroes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Grimm are initially alone, accepting help, and valuing their found families, is a virtue.[28.Oct.14]
Love the Apes or hate them, you should see what they almost threw at us![27.Oct.14]
Buried deep in the emotional grain of Valery Gore's music, there is some semblance of order, some sense of undisclosed truths.[27.Oct.14]
After an 18-year absence on the global stage of popculture, the 2000 AD Specials returned earlier this year. The Winter Special is a thematic return to the magazine's roots.[24.Oct.14]
By Paul Trynka
Brian Jones was the golden boy of the Rolling Stones—the visionary who gave the band its name and its sound. Yet he was a haunted man, and much of his brief time with the band was volatile and tragic. [24.Oct.14]
By Jennifer Kelly
Cory Branan's brand of rocking country doesn't fit very well into music industry slots, but the Nashville-based songwriter is carving an idiosyncratic niche for himself regardless.[23.Oct.14]
I refuse to accept that I am too old to enjoy a live-action, stunt bike, superhero arena show. I'm not too old. I love superheroes and I was ready to love Marvel Universe LIVE! But "good enough for the kids" just isn't good enough.[23.Oct.14]
By Scott Borchert
No matter what hat he wears as an artist, the impulse to voyage beyond defines Sting, as do the impulses that compel him to stay.[22.Oct.14]
New Grass Revival frontman John Cowan talks to PopMatters about the tricks of being a singing bass player, the new developments in folk music, and the career-spanning feel of his latest record, Sixty. [22.Oct.14]
By Mark Palermo
Without room for doubt, uncertainty, and even self-hatred, the tyranny of Aspiration Culture prevails, and meaningful defiance is thrown out the window.[21.Oct.14]
By Benjamin Barrett
The romantic sentiment that rock was better in the past and has, as they say, given up the ghost, is a charming but misguided notion.[20.Oct.14]
Throughout her long and legendary career, Lucinda Williams has garnered a reputation for dismissing any notions of rules, expectations, or boundaries.[17.Oct.14]
The Last of the Greats was published by Image in 2011-12, a five-issue mini-series that received deserved critical acclaim but ultimately flew under the radar, popularity-wise.[17.Oct.14]
By Ian Bell
Ian Bell explores Dylan's unparalleled second act in a quintessentially American career. It's a tale of redemption, of an act of creative will against the odds, and of a writer who refused to fade away.[17.Oct.14]
By David Chiu
Lara Meyerratken, the Los Angeles-by way of-Australia indie pop musician, returns with her first new album in four years.[16.Oct.14]
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