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Goldieblox vs. the Beastie Boys: A Parable on Permissions
By Monica Corton
When a song becomes forever connected with a product, particularly with the use of a parody lyric, it's deemed “baked” or “overused”. [16.Apr.14]
Sam Cooke's Tennessee Waltz: A Cultural Geography
By Carrie Allen Tipton
With his rendition of "Tennessee Waltz" for his 1964 Copacabana shows, Sam Cooke proceeded to do the impossible: he made the waltz swing. [15.Apr.14]
Rock the Cashbox: The Great Rock n Roll Sellout
By Jim Yoakum
How you can’t sell your soul to rock ‘n’ roll because it has already sold its soul... There once was a time during the new Age of Aquarius when the length of someone’s hair meant more than the balance in their bank account. [14.Apr.14]
Redshift: Talking with John Arcudi About His Expanding the Hellboy Universe
Our month full of Hellboy to celebrate Hellboy’s 20th anniversary continues as we share an earnest conversation with Hellboy Universe collaborator John Arcudi who opens up about his expansion of the Universe with B.P.R.D. and the Lobster Johnson stories. [11.Apr.14]
Pedestrianism: When Watching People Walk Was America's Favorite Spectator Sport
By Matthew Algeo
In the late 1800s, America’s most popular spectator sport wasn’t baseball, boxing, or horseracing—it was competitive walking. Indeed, when a New York arena overbooked, fans rioted. [11.Apr.14]
Recent Features
Each Wednesday comic selections have been made and it’s easy to end up with a sizable stack of new material each week. Fully absorbing, appreciating, and retaining every panel of every issue is challenging, if not impossible.[10.Apr.14]
By Laura Halferty
Don Draper’s insightful ad pitches are full of arrogance and sexism, but they’re also full of rhetoric, history, philosophy, psychology, and even pure, sexy poetry.[9.Apr.14]
With their new project, the boundary-breaching klezmer band revives and extends the Jewish-Latin musical connection.[9.Apr.14]
PopMatters got an advance listen to the new recording from the "newgrass" sensation -- and an interview with guitarist Sean Watkins.[8.Apr.14]
By Corey Beasley
Composer and Wild Cub frontman Keegan DeWitt talks the differences between pop songcraft and film scoring, what it means to grow up, and how life's smaller moments always last longer than the big ones.[7.Apr.14]
By Kembrew McLeod
From Benjamin Franklin's hoax about the the death of his rival to Abbie Hoffman’s attempt to levitate the Pentagon to Stephen Colbert’s “news reporting”, pranksters, hoaxers, and con artists use humor to underscore larger, pointed truths about society.[4.Apr.14]
In the handful of days before Dave Brockie’s passing, Mike Mignola and I spoke at great length about the then upcoming 20th anniversary of Hellboy, a character who by his very nature resisted his fate, and hoped to shape new options by his own hand…[4.Apr.14]
Comic books become movies. Movies becomes soundtracks, games like Avengers Battle for Earth, become interactive experiences. [3.Apr.14]
By Jennifer Kelly
PopMatters talks to Protomartyr's frontman Joe Casey about his band's working class roots, the pros and cons of making music in Detroit and his fascination with spinning cultural flotsam into surreal narratives. [2.Apr.14]
Azazel Jacobs’ unique worldview -- a place populated with characters that seem too strange to be real, and too sympathetic to be completely invented -- proves to be the perfect fit for Doll & Em. [1.Apr.14]
By Xander Bennett
The True Detectives are driven by the desire to create form from void, to seek meaning where none exists. They share the primal urge to daub on cave walls and tell stories about the shapes we see in the stars. [31.Mar.14]
By Matthew Fiander and Arnold Pan
April's "Listening Ahead" offers some early impressions of the month's most intriguing albums, including new releases by the Afghan Whigs, Wye Oak, and Cloud Nothings.[28.Mar.14]
Ales Kot’s Zero is not a traditional mystery tale, but it certainly has a large unanswered question looming over it.[27.Mar.14]
An unexpected jam led to the Presidents of the United States of America recording an unexpected, crowdfunded album, but according to the band's drummer: "I don't think we have another one in us."[26.Mar.14]
As the frontman for Doves, Jimi Goodwin proved to be quite the pop craftsman. On his new solo album, he creates a sort of personal mixtape, styles all around, Goodwin telling us how as a solo album, it couldn't have existed in any other form.[25.Mar.14]
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