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Beyond Don as Dorian: Fin de Siècle, Mad Men, and Aesthetics
By Elizabeth Howells
Given the parallels between Dorian Gray and Don Draper, can we use the lesson of the former to predict the fate of the latter? [31.Mar.15]
Good Food, Big Ideas: An Interview With Chef Christian Puglisi of Copenhagen's Relae
With three restaurants, a Michelin star, and now a new book under his belt, Puglisi leads a new generation of chefs in shaking up food culture. [31.Mar.15]
'The Bends' and the Blazing of a Trail Into the New Millennium
By Vance Martin
Amidst a transformational time in the post-Vietnam and post-Reagan eras, The Bends represented a transition between the tumultuous latter half of the 20th century and the new millennium ahead. [30.Mar.15]
Experiencing Isolation and Connection In Tall Buildings
By Jennifer Kelly
In Tall Buildings' Erik Hall got the name from recording in a Chicago skyscraper, but notes that "I don't tend to write songs that jump out at the listener, but rather kind of invite the listener in." [30.Mar.15]
30 Musical, Literary and Cultural Reasons to Celebrate 30 More Years of Phish: Part Two
By Katherine Factor
From Romanticism to structuralism, the musical ingenuity of Phish pays tribute to a variety of cultural movements; they're more dada than dad rock. [27.Mar.15]
Recent Features
By Zoe Cormier
The colourful science of marijuana and psychedelic drugs will make you wish you paid more attention in science class. [27.Mar.15]
Sometimes once in a rare while someone with a single idea disrupts an entire industry. Veteran Editor Janelle Asselin's Rosy Press might just be that idea for this generation.[27.Mar.15]
In the lead up to the release of Convergence and Secret War, we explore why these comicbook stories matter to you, no matter what the publishers' say.[26.Mar.15]
By Amulya Tadimety
Even teenagers two decades removed from The Bends' original release can still find deep emotional connections to its depiction of isolation and dissatisfaction.[26.Mar.15]
By Brian Schmitt
The Bends is the 20th century's identity emerging under pressure, forced to search bleakly for some form of cohesion among an increasingly artificial and commercial world.[25.Mar.15]
Thursday is no more, but their legacy lives on, with singer Geoff Rickly reissuing Waiting on his own label and talking about what chances, if any, there are to the group reuniting. [25.Mar.15]
By Eric Steingold
Far more than a comic book with an edge, Maus interrogates the fallacious identity politics of the Nazis, to an unforgettable effect. Given recent events in Europe, this is a vital book to revisit.[24.Mar.15]
By Dan Derks
Ian Parton, leader of the Go! Team, weighs the maturation and development of his crazed wall-of-sound schoolyard aesthetic on new album The Scene Between.[24.Mar.15]
By Marcus Smith
With one album Radiohead left an impressive music video legacy, one that would extend to later masterpieces such as OK Computer.[23.Mar.15]
Americana legend James McMurtry is fiery, opinionated, and smart as a whip. His latest (accidental) endeavor: Occupy spokesman. [23.Mar.15]
As Elliot Murphy tells PopMatters, the new reimagining of his 1973 debut Aquashow may be the most profound musical adventure of his 40-plus year career yet. [20.Mar.15]
By Jan Olsson
Alfred Hitchcock's reputation for meticulousness in conceiving his thrillers also extended to his kitchen.[20.Mar.15]
Smashing the hubris of grand space opera against the neonoir of political investigative journalism, it’s only a matter of time until we make the leap to Shakespeare.[20.Mar.15]
In Suiciders, series creator Lee Bermejo gives us an elegant drama of transitions, and in doing this offers perhaps the most innovative mediation on LA itself.[19.Mar.15]
By Neil Barrett
Jonny Greenwoods' musical achievements on The Bends represent as far as he was ever going to get by limiting himself to channelling his ideas through his guitar.[19.Mar.15]
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