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Tuesday, October 26 2004

Where There Had Been Something, There Was Suddenly Something More: John Peel 1939-2004

John Peel was the man. For the past 40 years he made sure that Britain didn't just listen to over-produced throwaway one-hit-wonders.

Monday, October 25 2004

Breakfast of Champions

Washington, DC ain't for the faint-hearted. This is the school of hard knocks, baby. In DC, they eat politicians, lawyers, and other movers-and-shakers for breakfast. New York has nothing over DC.

Now That I’m Home I Never Stay Home

Austinites live with a sound track to their lives: music for almost every occasion is heard in virtually every location. It is a city full of tastemakers who care little for style, but display it in spades.

The City in the Mountain

The imposing high-rises of Gulf Canada Square, Energy Plaza, and Petro-Canada, among others, tower over the tiny commuters who come downtown to earn their wage at these brawny monuments to Canada's oil industry. But take another look: the casually dressed population is hardly bullied by all this might. No, the only thing that ruffles this hardy bunch is the wind blowing down from the mountains.

Living Hip and Broke in the City of Nations

Toronto's young people, a gumbo of races and cultures, live crowded into small apartments with roommates, or at home with their parents, because once university bliss ends, they can't find a decent job. They have the privilege of living in one of the richest countries in the world, but they must figure out if they should splurge on a streetcar ride home or leave the $2.25 as the tip for the soup.

When the Roadwork Slows

After the two-week festivities of the Kentucky Derby are over -- the potholes are allowed to grow deeper, the weeds along the roads are left to grow -- Louisville settles into a comfortable balance of country and urban, conventional and cutting-edge.

Wednesday, October 20 2004

Hollywood Babbling On

Naturally, Kerry will be judged by the company he keeps, but it's not like he is consorting with Satan Worshippers or Neo-Nazis.

Monday, October 18 2004

Where Phantoms Stroll

The Goulburn Valley's trees are dying because of the drought: the worst since 1927. Kyabrum is not a fun place to be right now, but it never really was, even when the farmers were thriving. One rare, rainy night, a feeling of hope creeps in from the shadows; but the illusion quickly flees like the ghost that it is.

A Place Full of Punks

Bay area punks hold a mock funeral for the recently expired US President, Ronald Reagan. Recalling Reagan's legacy -- El Salvadoran death squads, homelessness, union-busting, and silence in the face of the devastating AIDS epidemic -- Nguyen revists the place of her Reagan-inspired punk youth to see what has changed, and what remains the same.

The Last Housing Edition on the Left

There is the environment that we find ourselves in, and that which we create. After two millennia or so of having to be nice to your neighbors because they were the only people you saw on a regular basis, we've reached a point where a neighborhood, a community, doesn't necessarily have to be simply where you are. Instead, it can be what you make it, and with whom you wish to include.

Leaving Home and Wide Awake

There are things about going out to the movies that home video will never capture: the hugeness of even the dinkiest movie screens; sharing space with strangers in even the near-emptiest of theaters (although New York theaters are rarely actually empty); and the immediacy of seeing a movie during its (ever-briefer) big screen life. It's all worth it, even if it takes 45 minutes to get to a movie theater from the quiet borough of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The Last of the Perugians

In the wee hours of the morning, in a plaza set in humble Perugia, a lovely little slice of Italy, a drunken 20-something party boy kicks at the empty beer bottles at his feet and curses into his mobile in crude, raw dialect. Modern man, as embodied in this raging fashion case, hardly compares to the historial and architectural grandeur that surrounds him.

CMJ Music Marathon 2004: Day Three: To Be or Not D.C.: Making a Ruckus in the Nation’s Capital

PopMatters takes to the streets of New York once again for the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

Sunday, October 17 2004

CMJ Music Marathon 2004: Day Two: The Ultimate in Short Attention Span Theater

PopMatters takes to the streets of New York once again for the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

Friday, October 15 2004

CMJ Music Marathon 2004: Day Two: Marathon This!

PopMatters takes to the streets of New York once again for the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

CMJ Music Marathon 2004: Day One: Moving Units, Saul Williams, Gang Gang Dance followed by Sonic You

PopMatters takes to the streets of New York once again for the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

Man of Steel: Christopher Reeve 1952-2004

Reeve's Kent was an essentially tragic figure, a man set apart from the masses by dint of a powerful secret.

Wednesday, October 13 2004

Taking Measurements: An Interview with Metric

If the word fierce had retained its original, animal meaning -- without any inkling of irony or camp -- it would be the perfect descriptor for Metric's lead singer, Emily Haines.

Tuesday, October 12 2004

Smile at Last: Brian Wilson’s Genius Resolved

Anyone who's ever been serious about listening to or collecting the Beach Boys' music will have heard about Smile. Often called the greatest unfinished, unreleased record of all time, it was begun in 1966, but was abandoned before completion due to a mysterious concatenation of forces.

Monday, October 11 2004

National Fantasies

In the US Capitol, multiple 'realities' and 'fantasies' coexist, creating a schizophrenic existence. It is a place of 'real world' politics as depicted by the mass media. We think we 'know' this city from so many movies and TV programs we've seen. It is our national site for pilgrimage, shared with people from other countries who bring their own historical understanding to this monument. And, it is home to a disenfranchised population with minimal representation in its own country, as if the people who live here are virtually non-existent.

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