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Wednesday, January 29 2003

Meet Stew, the Best Songwriter in America, and His Negro Problem

I'm not really sure if the critical neglect of Stew has anything to do with his being black . . . it's pretty clear that he's just not doing fashionable music.

Tuesday, January 28 2003

The Globalized Association

The NBA is becoming less insular, resembling much more closely the face of international soccer for the ease with which players cross national boundaries to play for 'foreign' nations.

Thursday, January 23 2003

Reflections: A Tribute to Maurice Gibb

Maurice Gibb, as a part of the Bee Gees, had a significant hand in writing some of the most popular and well-known songs of all time.

Thursday, January 9 2003

Male Bashing on TV

Welcome to the new comic image of men on TV: incompetence at its worst.

Post-Fab: Scores, Scandals, and Stigmas in College Athletics

Pessimists argue that this bygone role of college sports can no longer exist, yet students and educators can decide to wrest their teams away from negative outside influences. As a result, it may be possible to remove the athletic albatross from bringing down the academic worth of the institution, and college athletics would once again truly serve the student body.

Viagra: The New Image of Baseball

Baseball needs a new marketing campaign and fast, or it really is in danger of becoming a relic of another era.

Thursday, January 2 2003

The Pianist: An Interview with Adrien Brody

Roman doesn't even like using a stand-in.

Best Shorts of 2002

A fan of making lists, movies, and making lists of movies, I’ve published best-of lists consistently for about ten years. That such lists usually

Best Television 2002

It’s been about 8,760 hours since the last time that I wrote a year-end best list. Considering that I receive 68 channels on my television, if

Multitasking: Best of 2002

It appears that that the past year’s economic downturn motivated filmmakers to work harder. Or, at least they worked more. The year’s U

Best and Worst of Film and TV 2002

All the exciting movies come out at the end of the year in the U.S., which means we over here in Australia don’t

Best Films of 2002

A strong start, a humdrum middle, a stirring finish: 2002 defied all reasonable expectations, offering the first annus mirabilis of the new century. Out from under

Top Ten Films of 2002

For me, this year’s best cinema came from outside the U.S., and really, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a joy to

Top Ten Television Shows

Top Ten Television Shows Here’s the gist of all the Best of TV lists that are available in Time, People, and TV Guide: 24, Alias,

Lone Adventurer: George Roy Hill

What the cinema will really miss, though, is his charisma, his voice.

Friday, December 27 2002

Of Big Oil, By Big Oil, For Big Oil: The 10 Most Startling Speculations and “Conspiracy Theories” Ab

The 10 Most Startling Speculations and 'Conspiracy Theories' About September 11 and America's New War by Mike Ward -- Following are the 10 most alarming theories about September 11, the 'war on terror,' and the future of the world.

Joe Strummer 1952-2002

Joe Strummer's musical legacy is astounding. He, along with Mick Jones, wrote the soundtrack of an era -- late '70s Thatcherite Britain with all its decaying industry and racial strife and the cynical and selfish early Reagan '80s. Strummer had a compassionate political voice and only this past November he played a show on behalf of the striking firefighters in the UK.

Less Rotten than reasonable: Joe Strummer and my punk Damascus

Although I saw Joe Strummer in action many times, I only met him once and, embarrassingly, confused him with someone else. In early autumn 1976, as term at Sheffield University unfolded, news of the arrival of the most talked about gig of the year filtered through the underground grapevine. The Anarchy in the UK tour, bringing the nascent fury of British punk to the nation, wended its uncertain way through the country, uncertain, because where-ever the entourage set up camp, there was imminent danger of the local council denying the potential hell-raisers a performing licence.

Why The Clash Still Matter

As famous as he got, Joe Strummer never forgot what it was like to be on the other side of the stage. He never forgot what it was like to love a band with all your heart and soul. He never forgot about the transcendent power that all the best bands are capable of, and of the tremendous responsibility that comes with that kind of power.

“Stay Free”: R.I.P. Joe Strummer

Not all that useful, ultimately, to talk about the importance of Joe Strummer in my life, because that only applies to me and my junior high and high school friends.

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