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Thursday, October 9 2003

The World According to Shorts

What makes the 'World According to Shorts' Festival so satisfying year after year is the variety and excitement of the program.

Tuesday, October 7 2003

Afterbirth: Me’shell Ndegeocello

Conceived in the months after the September 11th attacks, Me'shell Ndegeocello's new release 'Comfort Woman' finds the artist reflecting on life, death and the everyday struggles of surviving a world seemingly coming apart at the seams.

Friday, September 26 2003

Stephen Gould’s Evolution: Iconoclast Popularizer to Pop Icon

The most fascinating issue on which Gould took his colleagues to task was adaptation, and whether evolution is progressive. Does natural selection work to improve living things? The Dawkins gang said yes; Gould said no.

Thursday, September 25 2003

Banged Up But Still Unbreakable: Comes With the Fall

PopMatters Music Critic Michael Christopher uncovers the drive that keeps Comes With the Fall going -- DIY style.

Uncertain Verdict

'The American Effect' follows an important trend in contemporary visual art exhibitions, fusing visual representation with research on global realities.

Monday, September 22 2003

The Emperor and the Gangster

As much influenced by Shakespeare and Dostoevsky as by the art and literature of his native land, Kurosawa used conventions of both Japan and the West to critique post-war Japanese society.

Thursday, September 18 2003

The Whip of Time: Leni Riefenstahl

Had she not outlived all her peers, would she have remained so controversial and unforgiven, yet also admired?

Tuesday, September 16 2003

We’ve a Lovable Space that Needs Your Face: A Tribute to John Ritter

When John Ritter died, in my grief, I felt like a very special oddball.

Monday, September 15 2003

Sometimes the Good Guys Wear Black

After all, the man fed on adversity. It fueled his work throughout his career.

Johnny Cash 1932-2003

Johnny Cash was, to me, as complex as America itself. He wrote songs about bad men, good women, and hard times, but was never seduced by nor succumbed to cynicism, true men of faith are not like that.

“Everyone I Know Goes Away in the End”: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

Not a great lover or follower of country music -- hey, what could a bunch of twangy bejeweled cowpokes say to me, a snotty punk brat from Manchester, England, right?

The Last Great Rebel

Johnny Cash pushed insurgent separatism to the hilt. He cemented his iconoclastic status in 1965 when he showed up wearing all black and a scowl at the usually pastel and buoyant church of county music, the Grand Ole Opry.

Johnny Cash Made the Most Punk-Rock Album Ever. In 1969.

What Johnny Cash did on At San Quentin defies belief. He made the angriest, balliest, toughest, most punk rock album of all time.

The Man in Black

It would be too easy to call him an everyman, too cliché, too trite. And yet, that is what he was, an everyman, a singer and songwriter who plumbed our souls and made each of us real and alive in his music. Johnny Cash, country icon and rock and roll founder, died Friday of complications from diabetes, leaving behind nearly 50 years of remarkable music and a legacy of innovation.

Friday, September 12 2003

Calling Names

Ann Coulter doesn't like to be bothered with facts. And besides, she's always right. Just ask her.

Thursday, September 11 2003

She Ain’t No Joke

Independent hip-hop artist Flo Brown chats with PopMatters music critic Felicia Pride on Whateva Comes to Mind, her recently released album.

Racing Sports

I began to think of the 'race card' as a real collector's item.

Tuesday, September 9 2003

Shhhhhhh . . . Warren Zevon’s sleeping . . .

Warren Zevon outlived his doctor's diagnosis by several months. Originally, all he claimed he wanted to do was live to see the next James Bond film; instead, he turned 'four months left to live' into an entire year.

Wednesday, September 3 2003

A Policy Poisoned by Money: An Interview With Greg Palast

One thing investigative journalist Greg Palast is not is some blow-dried cream puff crowing the party line on CNN or Fox News. While America has

Tuesday, September 2 2003

Tying Knots by Tying Knots

The ferocity of tone against gay marriage heartens me as much as it makes me want to barbed wire my front yard.

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