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Monday, July 28 2003

Internet Ethics

As our society is increasingly computer-dependent, the number of unethical persons seeking to encroach upon our personal computing life rises as well.

Thursday, July 24 2003

You Gotta Work Your Jelly

The newest video, for 'Crazy in Love,' begins with a hailing by Jay: 'History in the making.' Again, the process of work comes into focus, and again, Beyoncé's body becomes its undeniable emblem.

Thursday, July 17 2003

Rising Son


Monday, July 14 2003

Business As Usual

While Spike TV's philosophy may seem abrasive to some viewers, its content hardly deviates from standard television fare.

Wednesday, July 9 2003

The First Instinct Is to Go Somewhere Completely Different: Interview with Joey Burns of Calexico

If you're looking for an artistic intersection between cultures that speaks volumes about the liminal experience left to those who cannot find a home within the dominant paradigm, take Arizona's Calexico for a spin.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder: Adventures with the Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group's greatest talent is for making thrilling visual and sonic mayhem out of the act of banging on things, from their trademark PVC tubes to barrels filled with paint to, well, just big-ass, loud drums. Their second greatest talent is for taking the conventions of the avant-garde and making them work as mass entertainment.

Monday, July 7 2003

Love Unlimited: In Memory of Barry White

From Barry White's heyday in the mid-1970s to his recent reincarnation, courtesy of Ally MacBeal, the deep-voiced one has been the most instantly recognisable and most loved representative of unapologetic aural seduction in the music's history.

Thursday, July 3 2003

Color Me Blind: The Affirmative Action Debate

In truth, literal (if not legal) 'color-blindness' is impossible. Racism might ultimately be conquered, but that will take conscious effort.

The House of the Scorpion and More: Summer Reading List for Ages 8-15

Now, six years later, things are quite different: George W. is our president, Laura Bush is the First Lady, and the Texas Book Festival has morphed into one of the premier literary events in the country.

Tuesday, July 1 2003

Smarts Sold Better Then: Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was self-reliant, headstrong, ambitious. She did what she wanted to do regardless of what the men in her life preferred, whether it was babysitting a leopard in Baby or interviewing foreign heads of state in Woman of the Year.

Monday, June 23 2003

Light and Shadows: Conrad Hall

The camera pans to reveal the famous shot of a Christ-like Luke, naked except for shorts, bloated and spread-eagled on a bed of eggshells.

Tuesday, June 17 2003

An Admirable Account of Himself

Gregory Peck was enthralled with the process of becoming someone else, and worked at perfecting it until the very end of his motion picture career.

“It’s customary for the boy to have his father’s watch”: Gregory Peck 1916-2003

Gregory Peck's Oscar-winning turn as Atticus was that powerful; it overwhelmed cinema, literature, reality itself.

A Brief Reign of Terror

At a time when the English horror film was too often content to revel in exaggeration for its own sake, Gordon Hessler brought a measure of craft and intelligence to material that might otherwise have been hackneyed.

Wednesday, June 11 2003

Saturday Looks Good to Me

Frontman Thomas and his gaggle of musicians are masters of the AM sounds of the '60s, with a penchant for psychedelica; indeed, Thomas often seems a direct disciple from that musical era, as if frozen by prescient scientists to offset the catastrophic downfall of pop music brought on in the new millennium.


RACEBANNONBest Band to Break Your Lease With Their name may be lifted from a character in the kitsch cartoon series Johnny Quest, and this musical


THE PEE WEE FISTBest Indie-Pop Band with Substance and a Theramin Formed in 1995 by singer / guitarist / songwriter Pete Fitzpatrick, the Pee Wee Fist began as


NAMELESSNUMBERHEADMANBest Sci-Fi Pop-Folk-Electronic Hybrid People who’ve never been there might hear “Kansas City” and think Dorothy and Toto or, if somewhat more enlightened, jazz


LOMAXThe Best New Relentless Post Punk Noise with a Political Edge Ow My Ears Are Bleeding But Look at Me Ma, I’m Dancing! Band


THE KING OF FRANCEBest Band the New York City Band Craze Left Behind The King of France formed a little over a year ago—pretty

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