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Friday, December 29 2000

Top Ten Films of 2000

Top Ten Films of 2000 In the order in which I have arranged them: 1. Dancer in the Dark (Lars von Trier)The movie made me cry,

Best Media Matters of 2000

Best Media Matters of 2000 In a year without a mindblowingly original film like Being John Malkovich or a pop music epic like the Magnetic Field’

Top Ten Underrated TV Actors

Ah, ‘tis the season. Christmas trees and menorahs are household decorations, Dick Clark is emceeing his 93rd Annual New Year’s Eve Bash, and critics

Best Surprises of 2000

Best Surprises of 2000 Bad media are rarely startling. Good movies, videos, or TV shows, however, are often revelations—or at least pleasant surprises. Most of

These Precious Rantables: Nine Damned Annoying Pop Phenomena of 2000 (And One Joyful Event)

These Precious Rantables: Nine Damned Annoying Pop Phenomena of 2000 (And One Joyful Event) Far and away the best thing about writing for a pop culture

Sunday, December 24 2000

The One and Only Girl For Me Kirsty MacColl 1959-2000

In 1991, I was 20 and living in East Palo Alto, California. East Palo Alto is, for lack of a better word, a “ghetto” neighborhood made all

Friday, December 22 2000

Election Statement

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling effectively prohibiting recounts in Florida of what are being called “undervotes”—a ruling that has decided the

Monday, December 18 2000

Best of 2000: Sarah Zupko

1. Coldplay, Parachutes (Nettwerk America)I was all set to dislike this band as I spent this summer in London being inundated with endless pre-release Coldplay

Best of 2000: Ben Varkentine

Best new albums Michael Wolff, Impure Thoughts (Indianola Music Group)Pianist Wolff holds African tribal, funk, Indian drone, jazz and even a bit of the

Best of 2000: David Starkey

1. Rancid, Rancid (Hellcat)The first couple of listens are misleading. It sounds as though Rancid has abandoned the quest for irresistible hardcare hooks that made

Best of 2000: Geoff Stahl

1. Yo La Tengo, And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (Matador)So this has to be their masterpiece. A longtime coming, but what buildup. A

Best of 2000: John Schietinger

1. Richard Ashcroft, Alone with Everybody (Virgin)Ashcroft’s work with The Verve solidified him as the single best songwriter of the 1990s; Alone with Everybody

Best of 2000: Patrick Schabe

As a staunch defender of mainstream pop, the year 2000 wasn’t a great year for music. It’s almost as if all the big names

Best of 2000: Devon Powers

For a music whore like myself, even a good album can be a little like a one night stand. There’s that lovely moment of

Best of 2000: Tony Peregrin

1. Richard Ashcroft, Alone with Everybody (Virgin)Most of Aschroft’s solo album functions as a morose lullaby, meaning that this is the kind of record

Best of 2000: Mike Pace

(in alphabetical order) 1. DJ Assault, Off the Chain for the Y2K (Intuit-Solar Recordings)I haven’t even heard this double album, but the man’

Best of 2000: Kevin Oliver

1. Slaid Cleaves, Broke Down (Rounder)A singer-songwriter with a folkie flair for the story song and simple, memorable tunes. A stunning album, full of the

Best of 2000: Wilson Neate

1. Primal Scream, Exterminator [XTRMNTR] (Astralwerks)Writing in another venue back in February, I went out on a limb and claimed that Primal Scream had already

Best of 2000: Eden Miller

1. No Doubt, Return of Saturn (Interscope)Who would have thought that songs about the desire for marriage and family could be so exciting? With equal

Best of 2000: Kembrew McLeod

1. Outkast, Stankonia (LaFace/Arista)Imagine if Sun Ra collaborated with 2 Live Crew or if Afrika Bambaataa and Chuck D had a threesome with Pauly Shore,

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