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Friday, November 8 2002

Select Your Memory: Geffen, MTV and Pop Culture Exhume Nirvana

[T]rue to the reflexive nature of media in general, MTV's self-absorption quickly deflects whatever cultural capital the station tries to give Nirvana back onto itself.

Thursday, November 7 2002

How Much Is Enough?

Inclusion, however desirable, is going to be far more difficult to achieve than some advocates would have us believe.

Wednesday, November 6 2002

Look Back and Laugh

Since it's inception in 1980 Dischord has released 133 of the best albums by some of the most interesting and diverse bands ever... The CDs are still cheap, most bands still record in Don Zietra's studio, their advertisements all feature the brilliant black and white photography, and most of the band members have stayed.

Monday, November 4 2002

Leading the Parade

Aside from the fact that Bill O'Reilly tells us he is right, why should we listen to him anyway?

Sunday, November 3 2002

Transcendent Realism: Jacques Becker Film Retrospective: Brooklyn Art Museum Cinemathek

Jacques Becker's work features a moral neutrality that leaves viewers to judge for themselves, unlike many contemporary efforts.

Saturday, November 2 2002

Royalty? (for Jam Master Jay a.k.a. Jason Mizell)

[W]ithin the context of hip-hop music and culture the killing of Jam Master Jay is comparable to someone walking up to Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin and shooting them in the head. It is cultural treason.

Monday, October 28 2002

Killing Machine

This past weekend's TV (25-27 Oct 2002) has been rife with efforts to describe, reframe, and sensationalize the sniper story.

Tuesday, October 22 2002

Pearl Jam Roach Motels

What the public and the music industry have forgotten is that the people can still make things happen. The Attack of the Glue Albums may seem like a silly, innocuous act by itself, but it's part of a bigger plan to beat the music buyers into submission. If the music industry doesn't watch it, the buyers are going to rebel, and if that happens, both the labels and the media would lose.

Friday, October 11 2002

Bowling for Columbine: An Interview with Michael Moore

I ask myself, 'Are you sitting at the Ritz doing interviews or are you working on that 9-11 film you're supposed to be making, to make sure that Bush isn't returned?'

Wednesday, October 9 2002

Song of the Mellow Hippo: An Interview with the Future Sound of London

The Future Sound of London talk to PopMatters about what they've been doing for the past six years since 1996's Dead Cities and tell us about their newest release, The Isness.

Tuesday, October 8 2002

Two Cheers for Jeff Tweedy

The world on the ground is a house of blues, made worse by compliance, made better by songs and heart and -- most un-punk -- civic-mindedness. Tweedy might take seriously the Woody Guthrie mantle he inherited with Billy Bragg during the 'Mermaid Avenue' sessions.

Thursday, September 26 2002

The World According to Shorts: Brooklyn Art Museum Short Film Festival

Hope for the future of filmmaking seems, this year at least, to reside not in epics but in short films.

Wednesday, September 18 2002

Rock of Ages

Let's face it: you have a musical past and it can't be buried.

Tuesday, September 10 2002

The Racial Lessons of 9/11

Unlike Arab-Americans, the flag that African-Americans know is so heavily drenched in blood and tears that it can never flutter lightly anywhere. Looking at how Arab-Americans use flags reminds me of the Biblical story when the God of Moses instructed the Hebrews to mark their doors with blood so that the wrath of God bypasses their homes.

A Conversation with Lewis Lapham

At his office in Lower Manhattan, Lewis Lapham, the editor of 'Harper's Magazine', took time this week to discuss the nation's reaction to September 11, his problems with the current caretakers of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and the onslaught of media coverage that threatens to obscure the real truths of 9/11.

Thursday, September 5 2002

Marty Beckerman is Stronger Than You

In the land of milk and honey, Beckerman sets out to sour an oversexed youth contingent.

Tuesday, September 3 2002

MTV Video Music Awards

Axl Rose delighted mature viewers but left much of MTV's new target audience -- those who think the Backstreet Boys are old -- thinking the 40something's antics were a bit sad.

Tuesday, August 27 2002

Hip-Hop and the New Jazz Funk

For some reason (possibly the urban secularism of both forms) jazz and hip-hop have generally made sympathetic partners.

Wednesday, August 21 2002

To: Big Five Re: Download Sites

In a perfect world, the Big Five would all go to bed one night and wake up to find the Internet had been destroyed while they were sleeping. What they don't realize is that the Internet is their salvation.

Thursday, August 15 2002

Creating Audiences: Reeling 2002: The 21st Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival

Reeling 2002 provides an opportunity to investigate how audiences create their movies and how movies create their audiences.

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