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Monday, December 17 2001

Best of 2001: Maurice Bottomley

Best Music of 2001 Lists PopMatters writers Sarah Zupko Andrew Gilstrap Devon Powers Patrick Schabe Cynthia Fuchs James Beaudreau Maurice Bottomley Matt Cibula S. Renee Dechert

Best of 2001: James Beaudreau

Best Music of 2001 Lists PopMatters writers Sarah Zupko Andrew Gilstrap Devon Powers Patrick Schabe Cynthia Fuchs James Beaudreau Maurice Bottomley Matt Cibula S. Renee Dechert

Monday, December 10 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: Mike Thorne Recalls His Stint as Wire’s Fifth Member

'If you don't play keyboards, we'll get that Brian Eno in.'

Friday, December 7 2001

Last Orders: An Interview with Director Fred Schepisi

At first glance, Fred Schepisi looks like a quiet fellow. But he turns quite effusive when he starts talking: sharply observant and possessed of a dry sense of humor, he's comfortable expressing himself.

Thursday, December 6 2001

Give Me Life, Give Me Hope

Although George has passed on, his spirit and talent lives forever in the music. Thank you George, your talent and music continues to enrich our lives forevermore.

George Harrison, Like All Things, Passes

For George, let's remember that it is sometimes within silence that we can make ourselves best heard.

All Too Much: George, History, and Psychedelia

There are countless Beatles classics that would be nothing without George Harrison's trademark pretty, jangly, button-down riffs suffusing them like a potent incense cone.

Friday, November 30 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: Shadow of a Gunman: Brit-Punk and Northern Irish Terrorism

Although U2 were indeed Irish, they had about as much personal connection with the Northern Irish troubles as the Jackson Five.

Thursday, November 22 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: “Good Clean Fun”: Mike Thorne Looks Back on Punk

'I find it very disappointing that punk in the 21st century has turned into a style and something to be worn like a jacket, rather than something which has a specific attitude to it.'

Thursday, November 15 2001

Harry Potter: The Storm Breaks

It's Harry's world right now -- the rest of us just live in it.

Masquerades: The 14th Virginia Film Festival

Set amid the gorgeous fall splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Virginia Film Festival year after year remains an all-around classy production.

Thursday, November 8 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: So Tough: The Boy Behind the Sid Vicious Myth

The punk rock version of James Dean, Vicious solidified his fame by dying young, leaving behind memories of his notorious behavior and the mystery of girlfriend Nancy Spungen's murder. Although he contributed little to punk music, Vicious remains its most famous name, and his cult has only grown.

Friday, November 2 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: Atypical Girls

Punk produced a larger number of influential female artists than most any other pop movement [but] most female punk artists either denied their feminism or avoided the issue altogether. The result was one of punk's greatest contradictions: While playing music without a blatant feminist agenda, female artists made real inroads in the male-dominated music world.

Thursday, October 25 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: “Are You Taking Over Or Are You Taking Orders?”: Some Thoughts About T

The Clash got into music not because they wanted the publicity, or wanted to be down with the scene, or because they wanted to get laid. They did it because they had no choice. They loved rock and roll too much not to try and save its life.

Friday, October 19 2001

Waking Life: An Interview with Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater's movies feature lots of conversation, sometimes serving as plot, taking you places that you don't quite expect, then turning again.

Thursday, October 18 2001

25 Up: Punk’s Silver Jubilee: So bored with the USA?: reflections on a transatlantic divide

On their first album, in 1977, the Clash included the track 'I'm So Bored with the USA'. It was a sweeping rant. But with which USA were the band so bored? Was it the Velvet Underground or Iggy Pop? Unlikely. Was it US television, was it US militarism? More probable. Was it more to do with the Clash resenting the idea of latterday American imperialism and, by extension, a suggestion that that very imperialism might be claiming this simmering sub-cultural volcano as its own? Quite possible. Or was it something else?

39th New York Film Festival

This year, the New York Film Festival had a special significance, as it marked the return to some sense of normalcy in the city, two weeks after the World Trade Center disaster.

Thursday, October 11 2001

Is There Nothing Left?

The hard reality is that U2 is over. As good as 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' is at showcasing the best of the band's traditions, there is no good place to go from here.

Friday, September 28 2001

Ghetto Love: Talking about Dave Hollister and Jaheim

What makes singers Dave Hollister and Jaheim so refreshing is that while they are street-slick they are also vulnerable and accessible. While iced-out rap artists stack women like chips but eschew closeness, most R&B superstars romance models in exotic locales free from everyday concerns. In contrast, Dave Hollister and Jaheim have the personas of guys from around the way who made good telling stories for and about average Black folks.

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