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Saturday, July 1 2000

Lone Star Comix Online

Austin, Texas — It’s a factoid I never seem to tire of: Austin was one of the major seats of the Sixties underground comix movement,

Wednesday, June 7 2000

The New Cyborgs: Cyberculture and Women’s Webcams

What is so exciting about an unmade bed? And not just one unmade bed but thousands across the globe sitting in empty rooms alongside empty chairs and the tattered remains of last nights parties. These are some of the sights that have become addictive to the many people who regularly view 24-hour live Webcam sites on the Net.

Tuesday, May 30 2000

My Jewel

 Jewel’s book for me shows true poetic meaning, the type that comes from right inside you, igniting your deeper fires, and bringing forward

Saturday, May 13 2000

Memories of the Family Vacation at Gayworld

I remember all those cute lesbians. Oh yeah, and this one drag queen, pointing to another drag queen next to me who was wearing six-inch, clear plastic heels, said to her girlfriend, "You knock her over. I'll take her shoes." That was sweet.

Sunday, April 9 2000

To Be or Not to Be in This Pair of Tights: Superhero Comics as Literature

Part 2 of 2  The new issue of Wizard: Guide to Comics, the fanboy zine extraordinaire, has a cover showing a character by the name of

Saturday, April 1 2000

To Be or Not to Be in This Pair of Tights: Superhero Comics as Literature

Part 1 of 2 Literature means never having to say you’re a genre. Being inside an insidious box molds literature into some pretty terrible moments. In

Saturday, March 18 2000

South by Southwest 2000

One of the best things about SXSW is the way it mixes things up — musically — and brings things together, socially. People from various music-related vocations

Friday, March 17 2000

South by Southwest 2000

Last night, in a cold rain, with thunderclaps and lightening no match for the the wattage of the 100-plus bands playing in this amped-up conference-driven

Wednesday, March 15 2000

South by Southwest 2000

I'm betting that South by Southwest, "the most comprehensive music industry event of the year," will be as interesting, as complicated, as curious an event as it was the first time I went a few years ago.

Friday, March 10 2000

South by Southwest 2000

One of the interesting tensions at SXSW this year, being played out on today’s panel discussions is an old one. Patti Smith invoked it

Friday, March 3 2000

The Distance Between Them and Me

When I woke up on the last day of November, I hardly expected to end my day looking at my face on a television screen. Yet, there I was. At approximately 11:50 p.m. and for less than a second, television viewers tuned to CBS could see me on the tube sitting in the front row of David Letterman's audience that night. And how did I achieve my 15 milliseconds of fame?

The Comic Strip Moves to the Suburbs: Settling For Less & Loving It!

Rather than deal in extremes, today's comic strip reflects society at its most mundane. Neither high society nor impoverished slum graces the comics page. A move uptown is construed as elitist, and the impoverished hayseed only makes us queasy.

Monday, February 7 2000

The Clash, From Here to Eternity

The Clash were fun and serious, smart and silly, and, yes, they were sincere, and most bands are not. In the end hearing the Clash play rock 'n' roll is thrilling because it is so unusual for someone to give a damn.

Friday, January 14 2000

Being Lara Croft, or, We Are All Sci Fi

If the Lara facing us is a living contradiction, at once a sex symbol and a rejection of the objectifying gaze, the videogame's Lara Croft —-- mute, unreal, and looking the other way -- is a virtual contradiction, at once a sort of riot grrrl and a sort of fetish.

Friday, January 7 2000

I Never Promised You an Identity: E-love and the End of Intimacy

Sometime in October of ‘98 I received an angry email from a woman who was clearly upset. She recounted, in somewhat broken English, long flirtations in

Saturday, January 1 2000

Progressive History: A Year with the King Crimson Collectors’ Club

King Crimson have never been known for playing things by the book — rather, they’d write the book first, in their own set of glyphs,

Friday, December 31 1999

Top Ten Movies for 1999

Ten movies we liked in 1999, in no particular order. Something we didn’t like is how Hollywood movies are still overwhelmingly white. We are calling

TV-related highlights of 1999

It’s hard to say how and when tv goes wrong, but it does seem to do so inevitably and every year. 1999 was no exception.

Movie-related highlights of 1999

The ritual of year-end listing falls somewhere between purging and plugging, forgetting and remembering, a frustrating exercise in reduction and an entertaining way to recall

Top 10 Events Your Parents Were Oblivious To…

10. The Jenna Jameson CalendarPorn goes legit and looks beautiful. Also the only calendar in your dad’s workshop that’s got a model you KNOW

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