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Monday, December 18 2000

Best of 2000: Mike Pace

(in alphabetical order) 1. DJ Assault, Off the Chain for the Y2K (Intuit-Solar Recordings)I haven’t even heard this double album, but the man’

Best of 2000: Kevin Oliver

1. Slaid Cleaves, Broke Down (Rounder)A singer-songwriter with a folkie flair for the story song and simple, memorable tunes. A stunning album, full of the

Best of 2000: Wilson Neate

1. Primal Scream, Exterminator [XTRMNTR] (Astralwerks)Writing in another venue back in February, I went out on a limb and claimed that Primal Scream had already

Best of 2000: Eden Miller

1. No Doubt, Return of Saturn (Interscope)Who would have thought that songs about the desire for marriage and family could be so exciting? With equal

Best of 2000: Kembrew McLeod

1. Outkast, Stankonia (LaFace/Arista)Imagine if Sun Ra collaborated with 2 Live Crew or if Afrika Bambaataa and Chuck D had a threesome with Pauly Shore,

Best of 2000: Mark Mauer

In stores? Not likely. Record stores are getting weaker all the time while the Internet becomes more powerful all the time in digging up the

Best of 2000: James Mann

Rather than present another “top ten” list of only music releases, I decided to throw in a few notable events as well. Music doesn’t

Best of 2000: Wes Long

1. Kevin Gilbert, The Shaming of the TrueMusical wunderkind dies mysteriously at the age of 29. His tapes are pored over and something closely resembling the album

Best of 2000: Steve Lichtenstein

1. Badly Drawn Boy, The Hour of Bewilderbeast (Twisted Nerve/XL)Admittedly, a chaotic hodgepodge — but a rousing, thoroughly enjoyable one. From beginning to end, and

Best of 2000: John Kenyon

1. Radiohead, Kid A (Capitol)Ignore the critics who call this too challenging, too out there. Anyone who’s ever listened to ambient, free jazz or

Best of 2000: Eamon P. Joyce

1. Badly Drawn Boy, The Hour of Bewilderbeast (Twisted Nerve/XL/Beggars Banquet)While 2000 will not likely be remembered as a great year for music overall,

Best of 2000: Scott Hudson

1. Transatlantic, SMPTe ((Metal Blade/Radiant)Quite simply the best kept secret this year. A prog/rock project featuring drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), keyboardist Neal

Best of 2000: Chuck Hicks

1. Jennyanykind, I Need You (Yep Roc)Band on the Run was recorded on an 8-track machine in a swamp in Nigeria. Jennyanykind’s I Need

Best of 2000: Wayne Heyward

This is the first year in several that I have heard enough good new music to make it worth worth creating a top five or

Best of 2000: Dave Heaton

To me, there’s no such thing as an objective “best”. Still, here’s what I liked most in 2000 1. Sigur Rós, Agæ

Best of 2000: Jim Hayes

My phone never rings. On the rare occasion, I make sure to grumble with a guttural: “yeah.” I want the caller to think that I’

Best of 2000: Erik Gamlem

1. Q and Not U, No Kill No Beep Beep (Dischord)Born and bread in Washington DC and proof that rock music can be both inventive

Best of 2000: David Fufkin

It was almost impossible to narrow this list to 10 recordings. My sincere congratulations to all of the artists listed here. The recognition is truly deserved.

Best of 2000: Cynthia Fuchs

Best Hip-hop Albums of 2000 Hip-hop endures. Whatever the hubbub, hip-hop simultaneously accommodates and alters the cultural landscape. While superstars appear on magazine covers and TV

Best of 2000: Barbara Flaska

1. Song: “Light Rain” by Geoff Muldaur, from Password (Hightone)The sexiest voice. Additionally, the best sustained use of steel brush on cymbals. “Light Rain” will

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