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Sunday, January 1 1995

The Happy Songwriter: An Interview with Kelley Stoltz

San Francisco's best-kept songwriting secret on influences, old pianos, optimism, career breaks in biker bars and the stacks of tapes in his apartment closet.

Distilling the Stills: An interview with Dave Hamelin

Are the Stills just the composite of convenient '80s references? On tour with Echo and the Bunnymen, the band they're most often compared to, PopMatters critic Chris Fallon chatted with drummer/songwriter Dave Hamelin to distill the Stills' essence.

Come on Feel the Distraction, or, The Original Balladeer, or, The Architecture of Musical Fiction

Sufjan Stevens explains how he got sidetracked into this whole music thing and lets us know what he really likes.

Finding the Other: An Interview with Richard Jones

The Stereophonics bassist discusses the band's new drummer and increased energy.

stellastarr* Is a Group

stellastarr* arrived as part of the New York new wave revival, evoking the likes of Talking Heads and Blondie. PopMatters talks to the blonde in the band, bassist Amanda Tannen.

The Politics of Love: An Interview with Stars’ Amy Milan

Between good sex and old songs, Amy Milan stays out of the cold.

Heavenly Creatures: An Interview with Jason Martin of Starflyer 59

PopMatters music critic Scott Deckman gets spiritual with Jason Martin of Starflyer 59, pop craftsman and Christian Rocker.

Martian Dreams and Carolina Blue: An Interview with Chris Stamey

A discussion with the dB's co-founder about most anything except the dB's.

The Quality and the Throttle

What happens when power pop grows up? PopMatters kicks back with songwriter legend Chris Stamey to discuss his first studio release in a decade.

An Interview with Julian Taylor, lead singer/guitarist of Staggered Crossing

I spoke to the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Julian Taylor, by phone to discuss the status of the band's new independence.

A Breath of Fresh Oxygen: An Interview with Michael Staertow

The beauty of Rochester, NY guitarist/singer Michael Staertow (aside from his outstanding musical talent) is that he is not the least bit interested trying

Rick Springfield

In many respects, not much has changed. After a good twenty minutes passes, I get the distinct impression that Springfield needs to be coaxed from the privacy of his hotel room.

Awright!, or Constructing By Feel: An Interview with Spoon’s Britt Daniel

Spoon frontman speaks on space, samples, and spinning vinyl.

Spoon and the Evolution of a Voice

There are a lot more options available to the rock and roll connoisseur today than there were in 1963, the year The Beatles put out Please,

Herself, Her Characters: An Interview with Regina Spektor

The storyteller explores some new sides of her music while continuing to reserve the explicit 'Truth'.

Balance and Options: An Interview with Bubba Sparxxx

In the new New South of hip-hop, Bubba Sparxxx is banking on a mixture of contemplation and club-hopping to make his third album, The Charm, true to its name.

After the Drive-In: An Interview with Sparta

Almost exactly a year ago, a brief message appeared on the official At the Drive-In site. Citing total physical and mental exhaustion, the band cancelled

Looking for a Spark: An Interview with Russell Mael

Russell Mael shows why Sparks have lived on the fringes of musical culture for the better part of their 25-plus-year career.

Spark-ing Creativity: An Inteview with Russell Mael

One half of the legendary pop duo Sparks, Russell Mael spent time talking with PopMatters music critic Ari Lauren about their influences, their new record, and the legacy they've left.

Welcome to the Bigtime: An Interview with the Soundtrack of Our Lives

Having gone through internal fighting and external challenges, the Swedish retro-rock act hits the road.

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