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Sunday, January 1 1995

Top 8 Guilty Pleasures of 2003

So bust out the Justin Timberlake CD hidden in your pajama drawer and put on the Charmed T-shirt you bought on eBay late at night. Here are my picks for 2003's most entertaining guilty pleasures.

Best TV Performers of 2003

The performance of the year was Edie Falco's in the 'Whitecaps' episode of 'The Sopranos'. At least, that's what I heard. I didn't see it. Consequently, you won't see it on my list of the best of 2003.

Unito Nella Diversità: A Chat with Zucchero

'The blues is the blues; the soul is everywhere.' Italian blues legend, Zucchero, is bringing his music to the masses, courtesy of Starbucks and an all-star line-up fit for a King.

An Encounter with Tropicalia’s Trickster: The Tom Zé Interview

Under a pragmatist's influence, Zé says occasionally explicable things.

If It’s Good Music, It’s Good Music: An Interview with DJ Z-Trip

He's not just that DJ that mashes up rock, and now Z-Trip explains how he shifted gears.

Interview with Doug Yule

Doug Yule, a musician of simplistic yet authentic precision, talks to PopMatters about how sees his time in The Velvet Underground as just another part of his life.

On the Radio in Serbia: An Interview with Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart

The Songwriter Surprises Us By Not Freaking Out the Squares.

I Can’t Wait to Watch You Get Older: An Interview with Xiu Xiu

Our society assumes that musicians want to maintain their celebrity for infinity, and are constantly working to keep their place in the limelight. For Xiu Xiu, the recent surge in popularity has Jamie Stewart making big plans...for grad school. Is a break-up in the works?

Quit Your Day Jobs: An Interview with the Wrens

At this point, the Wrens' backstory - major label woes, six years without and album and all - has become something of a legend in indie rock circuits. But what's less discussed is what it takes to survive a half-decade plus hiatus - and apparently, the answer is a white collar career. PopMatters investigates.

Every Win on this Record Is Hard Won: The Wrens and their Own Private Meadowlands

After having suffered through the pressures and losses of the past seven years and labored on their album in practical anonymity, the Wrens have hit the ground running.

Underdog: An Interview with Danny Wood

Former member of the wildly successful '90s boy band New Kids on the Block Danny Wood chats with Nikki Tratner about his trek back into the spotlight.

Yodeling for Slug

While it might not make perfect sense right off the bat, Slug and Murs have made a good fit with their new rock label and artists Vox Vermillion.

The Mythbuster: An Interview with Bill Withers

A middle-aged man with a heart full of songs makes a career change and leaves an indelible print on pop music. Over 30 years later, he's still Bill Withers. And thank goodness for that.

In a Stream of Consciousness with Edgar Winter

EDGAR WINTERThe Best of Edgar WinterEpic/Sony Legacy7 May 2002 Imagine what it was like back in the old days, when the Winter brothers first dropped

Citizen Wilson: An Interview with the Editor of XXL

'I'm concerned with selling my magazine and doing it with integrity.' Elliott Wilson, editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine, wants his props for rising to the top of the music publishing world, and oh yeah, please buy the compilation CD.

We Have to Get Beyond Our Pain: An Interview With Saul Williams

PopMatters converses with the lengendary, often controversial, poet-cum-prophet Saul Williams.

One Man Semi-Acoustical Jam

A Flugel, an Echoplex, and a Winnebago: Keller Williams explains which of these is not like the other ones.

Get Fuckin’ Real: An Interview with Hank Williams III

'America needs to get a little less anal, 'cause you got kids fighting this big war, supposedly dying, and you're gonna get upset over shit, fuck, and goddamn? Come on! It's 2006. Get fucking real -- wake up, grow up, catch on to some of the European ways, and quit being so goddamn uptight.' PopMatters kicks her boots off for a balls-out natter with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hank III.

Dar Williams: The Happy Tortoise

For folkie Dar Williams, it's not about a fast zip to the top of the charts. PopMatters music critic Jennifer Bendery talks with her about keeping her stamina.

Bad Boy This And Bad Boy That

MTV's runaway reality hit 'Making The Band 2' has been a guilty pleasure for millions of Americans for nearly two years. PopMatters caught up with Jason Wiley in between meetings at the Bad Boy headquarters.

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