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3 Oct 2007 // 10:00 PM

Yuri Lane [Chicago]

Lights go up onstage revealing one man. The bass drum lays down the initial beat. A boom, chick, boom-boom, chick, punctuated by an explosive blow to the crash cymbal. It’s an orgy of percussion, and it's all coming from a single mouth.

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Family Dramas: The 45th Annual New York Film Festival, Part 1

The most noticeable feature of this year's New York Film Festival is the preponderance of American pictures.

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2 Oct 2007 // 10:00 PM

Three Strikes You’re Oot!

Billions of us around the world have never had the opportunity to swing at a split-fingered fastball or slide into second on a steal. Maybe that's why anytime we’re in America (or Canada), we dash to the baseball stadium.

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Big Brother USA, Season Eight: The Most Dangerous Game

For Eight Seasons, Big Brother USA has brought numerous twists to reality TV. Here is a twist Big Brother might not have seen coming.

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Fire Engines: Hungry Beat

Cowbell-crazed, no-wave noised, robot-funk grooves from the short-lived Scottish band best known for inspiring Franz Ferdinand. Even the most cursory listen provides that they were much, much more interesting than that.

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1 Oct 2007 // 10:00 PM

Season of the Tribe

A Tribe Called Quest's standout recognition among the glitterati at the VH1 Awards could be viewed as a subtle reminder that hip-hop does not adhere to a static definition, nor is it beholden to a single (commercial) goal.

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C’mon Over and Let’s Make a Record: An Interview with Devendra Banhart

How the pied piper of psych folk and his ever growing band of followers holed up in a Topanga Canyon house, broke out a boxload of exotic instruments and kicked out the jams of Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon.

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The Affectionate Parodies and Ironic Diss-Positions of Ween

Shock-humor abounds across Ween’s work, and dumb infantilism is worn as a badge of honor.

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30 Sep 2007 // 10:00 PM

Can’t You Read the Signs?

Cars, guns, values, the US Constitution... like a yellow traffic light, their meaning and importance, relative to oneself, is open to interpretation.

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So Said the Lighthouse Keepers

When Klaatu debuted in the '70s no one knew who they were. Then suddenly everyone thought they were the Beatles reunited. And then came the backlash.

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The Face of Another Cinema: Classic and Modern Mirrors of Japan

Criterion captures three films directed jaggedly by Hiroshi Teshigahara, scripted enigmatically by novelist Kobo Abe, and scored unnervingly by Toru Takemitsu, and provides a welcome box of five films by Yasujiro Ozu.

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Allen Ginsberg: The Politics of Ecstasy

Ginsberg had an eye that took in a world full of lovers and low-lifes -- each, for him, was a song waiting to be sung.

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27 Sep 2007 // 10:00 PM

On Being Savage

In today's world, in which most native people live not in forests or on islands but in cities, savagery has become a state of mind more than anything else. Perhaps a little 'savagery' would be good for modern civilization.

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27 Sep 2007 // 9:59 PM

Watch That Whale

If whales were into human-watching, would they watch even while we butchered each other? Do whales have hope for the human species?

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Can 50,000 Football Fans Be Wrong?

A 'new democracy' is one way to describe MyFootballClub — no other team has ever been run via Internet voting alone — yet fan-powered schemes have secured control for supporters at countless sporting clubs.

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26 Sep 2007 // 10:00 PM

When They Were Fab

The phenomenal success of the British Invasion led to a stampede of record labels trying to promote bands that could cash in on Beatlemania. Pop Gear shows over 15 bands, attempting to lip synch their way to stardom. The result is surprisingly touching and loaded with kitschy, camp fun.

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26 Sep 2007 // 10:00 PM

Spontaneous and Passionate Invention

Ornette Coleman's free jazz was an American variant on the means and methods of Europe's Situationists.

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Kenny Roby [Raleigh, NC]

It would be easy to assume that every decent-sized town has their own version of Raleigh, North Carolina's Kenny Roby -- a hard-working singer-songwriter and an engaging performer. But Roby is the cut above.

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25 Sep 2007 // 10:00 PM

Rethinking Halo

The man in the mask, and the mask of those who built him: Halo and Microsoft's crisis of identity.

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One Hit Wonder - The Stone Reader

A favored book from one's past. An elusive author who seemingly never wrote anything since. Sounds like the components for a fascinating documentary? You'd be right.

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Hozier + Death Cab for Cutie + Rock Radio 104.5's Birthday Show (Photo Gallery)

// Notes from the Road

"Radio 104.5's birthday show featured great bands and might have been the unofficial start of summer festival season in the Northeast.

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