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Sunday, January 1 1995

Humorous Matters: A Conversation with writer and former TV host Michael J. Nelson

Michael J. Nelson talks about stand-up comedy, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and his new book.

Interview with Roman Polanski: The Ninth Gate

Roman Polanski is gracious and soft-spoken on the telephone from Paris. Once notorious for his eccentricity, ego, and offscreen misfortunes, the Polish director-writer-actor now seems, at 67, almost serene, or comfortable, as if he's come to terms with his genius and his excess.

Bring It to People: Interview with the Murderball Filmmakers

Alternately slouching, perched forward, and animated in their chairs, the filmmakers pick up on one another's points, ask each other questions. At the moment, they're talking about Murderball, their documentary about quadriplegic rugby.

The Chameleon’s Journey: An Interview with Neil Jordan

Playwright, author and filmmaker, Neil Jordan talks cross dressing, terrorism, and the brilliance of Cillian Murphy.

Bossa Nova

Tailor-made suits are coming back into fashion It is, of course, nothing new to remark on the distinctive age bias facing women in typical Hollywood

Interview with Catherine Hardwicke: Thirteen

Catherine Hardwicke talks about her film Thirteen, which is so different from other teen movies, except that the characters are flawed (and remain so), and the adults actually care about what the kids are going through.

The Caveman’s Valentine

'' is populated with characters who don't get much play in mainstream movies -- the homeless, a crazy man, sexualized middle-aged characters, interracial sex, a black woman with a gun, gay men, and an upscale art scene, all in a film that's considerably bigger than your first one. Was it difficult to put all these elements together.

The Patriot

I think it’s healthy to find it weird Jason Isaacs has a kind of energy that you don’t see every day. He’s

The Green Mile

Michael Clarke Duncan is happy. He's happy to be starring in with Tom Hanks, to be sitting in a nice hotel room wearing white socks and designer jeans and no shoes. He's especially happy with his role in the film...

Nato Thompson

I like it when a character is irrational, when a character does contradictory things. I feel like it wakes you up, because you're trying to connect the dots.

A Dream in Hanoi

Jonathan Kiefer

Someone Like You

Stuff has to happen Tony Goldwyn may be best known as the dastardly villain in 1990’s blockbuster weepie, Ghost, or the voice of Disney’s


Michael Almereyda (2000)writer-director of Hamlet Alejandro Amenabar (2001)director of The Others Paul Thomas Anderson (1999)director of Magnolia Carlos Avila, Jon Seda, and Jimmy Smits (2000)director

Other Worlds: Interview with Giulia D’agnolo Vallan

'A movie is about going to other worlds. A movie creates a universe, a parallel of this world with its own laws and that you can jump into,' say the director of the Torino Film Festival.


At first glance, Karyn Kusama's looks like a pretty regular festival 'darling' picture: it's the writer-director's debut feature, it's about a young Latina in the projects who overcomes her unhappy home situation to succeed in an unusual and topical arena (boxing), and finds true love to boot.

Baby Boy

“I took the training wheels off” John Singleton is eating sushi when I walk into the Sony office suite where he and his entourage are

PopMatters Film Interview

Politics and Porn Whether you think he has “sold out” and gone “mainstream” in the latter part of his career, or whether you think he

The New Biographical Dictionary of Film

Why should 'Jackass' be reviewed? I've never been that comfortable being what you'd call a film reviewer.

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