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Friday, December 16 2005

Philip Roth—Welcome to the Canon

Is Philip Roth America's greatest living writer? Steven Shymanik thinks so. He takes a look back at Roth's early work, freshly published by the Library of Congress.

My Life As a Narrator

Justin Cober-Lake looks at Roth's My Life as a Man, an early and under-appreciated book in the writer's canon that sets the postmodern narrative tone for his future works.

Friday, December 9 2005

When We’re Old Enough to Read Fairy Tales Again

'Too direct a treatment of the spiritual aspects of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and they lose the secular audience; too oblique an approach to it, and they lose the church crowd they're specifically trying to draw in.' Phoebe Kate Foster examines C.S. Lewis, his Chronicles of Narnia, and questions the new film's hit or miss probabilities.

Tuesday, December 6 2005

The Baseball Team Who Saved One Another: An Interview with John Albert

'There's nothing subversive about getting a Mohawk and walking around Silver Lake. When I was 16, if you got a tattoo, it was like, 'What the fuck are you doing?' There was nobody doing that. [Now] everyone is covered in tattoos. It means nothing. Dyeing your hair pink means nothing. Putting a metal post through your nose doesn't mean anything.' Jodie Janella Horn talks to John Albert about music, baseball, James Frey, and punk-rock death.

Tuesday, November 29 2005

This Time You Pray For Real

Books for kids on life, death, sexual awakening, sexual abuse, death, the Holocaust, and the Taliban. Farrar, Straus and Giroux offers kids startling alternatives to Harry Potter this Christmas.

Thursday, November 17 2005

Dealing in Experience

Augusten Burroughs loves dogs, writing, and a man called Dennis. In a sweetly intimate, rather revealing phone interview, PopMatters spoke to him about these things and more.

Tuesday, November 15 2005

What She Loves: A Chat with Laura Pedersen

From millionaire Wall Street whiz kid to novelist with fans covering the literary spectrum, life looks mighty good for Laura Pedersen. Jackie Regales spoke to Pedersen about Her Brilliant Career.

Thursday, November 3 2005

Too Brief By Far

'More than any other writer of the modern era, Capote is obsessed by the notion of cruelty: cruelty as both the active infliction of pain and, perhaps more insidiously, the passive withholding of kindness.' Tim O'Neil looks at Vintage's recent releases celebrating the life and work of Truman Capote.

Friday, October 28 2005

Beyond Boo!: The Case for Stephen King as Literature

'Decades from now, fans will unearth his tomes and savor their sensational scares the way we lord over Stoker's violent vamp, or Shelley's modern Prometheus.' Bill Gibron assesses the works of horror master, Stephen King.

Tuesday, October 25 2005

Lying Liars and the Lawyers Who Love Them: An Interview with Michael Kun

'No matter how good the story is, the fact that the reader is holding something in his hands that expressly states that it is fiction prevents the reader from getting as involved in the story and the characters as he could otherwise.' PopMatters talks to Michael Kun about lies, truths, death, and Heather Locklear.

Tuesday, October 18 2005

The Honour and the Provocation

What does it mean to win a major book prize? Apart from a giant load of cash? With the recent Booker announcement in mind, Simon Williamson ponders the benefits of pitting art against art.

Friday, October 7 2005

Salvation Artist

Dirty Found is on tour. Co-created by Jason Bitner, the magazine celebrates the smuttiest photos, notes, and other paraphernalia left laying about the world. Jodie Janella Horn caught up with Bitner in Los Angeles. 'I'm not an artist,' Bitner tells her. She begs to differ.

Friday, September 30 2005

Who’s Afraid of Alfred Kinsey?

In celebration of the First Amendment and Banned Books Week, Robert Roose revisits Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, the book that launched the modern-day crusade of censorship in the name of 'family values'.

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Pee, Poop, and Underwear: The Controversy Over Captain Underpants

Viewing Captain Underpants for what it is -- a children's book -- Bill Gibron attempts to figure out exactly why Dav Pilkey's creation is number four on the ALA's Banned Books list.

Thursday, September 22 2005

A Court of Their Own

Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova.

Friday, September 16 2005

Forever Young: Lolita Turns 50

Lolita was, understandably, a tough sell upon its original publication in 1955; furthermore, much of its sustained notoriety stems from the controversy it has since towed in its wake. Zeth Lundy looks back at 50 years of Lolita.

Wednesday, September 7 2005

Movies in Her Head: A Minute with Lori A. May

Lori A. May talks to PopMatters about her new book, her love of crime-time TV, and how CSI has made readers of crime lit so very demanding.

Monday, August 29 2005

Magical Things: An Interview with Julianna Baggott

'If you pay attention to the world around you, you'll see truly magical things.' Julianna Baggott talks about The Anybodies and The Nobodies, her fantasy books for young readers that reveal the path to enlightenment lies in a life spent reading.

Tuesday, August 23 2005

Words and Music: An Interview with David Niall Wilson

'Write what hurts you'. Author David Niall Wilson discusses his writing philosophy with PopMatters. In doing so, he finds time to reflect on the state of contemporary horror writing, the dangers of being too literary, and how the blues inspired his latest novel, Deep Blue.

Tuesday, August 16 2005

Dark Side of the Moon

'Ellis -- like Prospero -- is ultimately the creator of the novel's increasing chaos.' The star of Bret Easton Ellis's Lunar Park, the author's first book in six years, is... Bret Easton Ellis. Jeff Gomez explains.

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