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Wednesday, August 8 2001

Literary Snake Oil

The promise of Internet publishing, that of a level playing field for the scions and the Grandmasters of intellectual property, has yet to consummate the relationship between creative idealism and the community of the modern world.

Ashcroft at the Lion’s Den

Freelance writer Vanessa Leggett, 33, was jailed July 20, 2001 for contempt of court charges, at the Justice Department’s request, by an unnamed judge in secret proceedings

Thursday, August 2 2001

Eudora Welty—A Life in Words

'My wish, indeed my continuing passion, would be not to point the finger in judgment but to part a curtain, that invisible shadow that falls between people, the veil of indifference to each other's presence, each other's wonder, each other's human plight.'

A king, a queen and two knaves?: An Interview with David Hadju

'Positively 4th Street', New York-based writer David Hajdu's account of the folk era, focuses on two couples whose lives became entangled in the complex history of early 1960s America -- Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Richard and Mimi Farina. Here he tells 'PopMatters' about its genesis.

Sunday, July 8 2001

Beauty by Brian D’Amato

In the second of our summer reading lists, Mark Dionne recommends three books -- 'One is a postmodern thriller, one is a dystopian science fiction masterpiece and one is the story of a closeted Irish lesbian mourning the death of her partner' -- that he simply cannot believe more people haven't read.

Wednesday, June 13 2001

Southern Exposures

Death to diversion! Rather than push the usual summer herd of 'beach novels,' 'PopMatters'' writers invite you to spend this summer exploring books from their lists of important works. In this first installment of the series, Valerie MacEwan revisits some classics and suggests some Southern writing that goes beyond 'Frankly, my dear...'

Wednesday, May 16 2001

So Long, and Thanks for All the Laughs

[Douglas Adams possessed] a mind that had an amazing ability to place a unique perspective on weighty matters while maintaining a tone of absolute lightheartedness. Adams was one person who could see the big picture and realize how terribly bland a sight it was.

Sunday, January 1 1995

PopMatters Book Review

As far as weapons go, I think that writing about trangressing gender -- in whatever ways they do -- is a powerful weapon against ignorance and fear.

PopMatters Book Review

They see that 'F' word (fetish) in the title of my books, and immediately label the work as offensive before even looking at the imagery. I have been battling this negative association for about three years now here in Los Angeles.

PopMatters Interview

I do believe that every aspect of our relationships are suffused with power, discipline, dominance and submission, of which we are only dimly aware.


Nelson George is best known for his nonfiction writing — his columns and essays on black popular music and culture for the Village Voice, Esquire, and

Dealing in Experience

Augusten Burroughs loves dogs, writing, and a man called Dennis. In a sweetly intimate, rather revealing phone interview, PopMatters spoke to him about these things and more.

Life After McSweeneys: An Interview with Neal Pollack

Since concluding his music/book tour, Pollack sat down with PopMatters to discuss his new book, the art of parody, favorite music and what exactly the author's role is in a media-rich society.

Everymen: An Interview with T Cooper

'It's weird when everyone decides one person is cool, don't you think? I'm suspicious of that.' James Withers talks to Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes author, T Cooper, about writing, reading, coolness, Jennifer Aniston, and why boy bands should never reform.

A Policy Poisoned by Money: An Interview With Greg Palast

One thing investigative journalist Greg Palast is not is some blow-dried cream puff crowing the party line on CNN or Fox News. While America has

Magical Things: An Interview with Julianna Baggott

'If you pay attention to the world around you, you'll see truly magical things.' Julianna Baggott talks about The Anybodies and The Nobodies, her fantasy books for young readers that reveal the path to enlightenment lies in a life spent reading.

“Word”: An interview with Nelson George

Nelson George is best known for his nonfiction writing — his columns and essays on black popular music and culture for the Village Voice, Esquire, and

Folk Explosion: An Interview with Rick Moody

'I'm tired of double kick-drumming and death-metal guitar tunings and guys yelling about how much trouble they're having with their girlfriends.' Rick Moody talks to PopMatters about his musical life.

A Kind of Music: Interview with David Mitchell

'Writing is a kind of music. And I mean that very nearly literally. Or at least, I mean it metaphorically. It's nonetheless a metaphor, which is truer than the obvious. A sentence is a musical phrase that your eyeball can hear. Words are musical notes that, again, your eyeball can hear. Not a sound, but a nuance.' Stephen Schenkenberg talks to David Mitchell.

Lying Liars and the Lawyers Who Love Them: An Interview with Michael Kun

'No matter how good the story is, the fact that the reader is holding something in his hands that expressly states that it is fiction prevents the reader from getting as involved in the story and the characters as he could otherwise.' PopMatters talks to Michael Kun about lies, truths, death, and Heather Locklear.

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