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Friday, February 18 2005

Investigating Dashiell Hammett

From cheap pulp to classic literature, The Maltese Falcon has come along way in 75 years. Nicholas Taylor takes a look back at Dashiell Hammett's hardboiled tale with one quesion in mind -- does Sam Spade still thrill?

Tuesday, February 15 2005

“A Salesman Is Got to Dream”: Arthur Miller (1915-2005)

Arthur Miller stood against them all with the righteous outrage of the individual with both eyes open.

Monday, February 14 2005

A Kind of Madness

Casanova's charm is that he's a bad boy with a streak of empathy, a renegade who worships the ideal of love, even if he's a merciless failure in upholding it. He's the original player long before Andre 3000 came out with The Love Below.

Not You Mother’s Romance Novels

I promise you, there will be things done on a chiropractor's table that will have you looking for one in the phone book. If this doesn't get you fired up for Valentine's Day, nothing will.

Tuesday, January 11 2005

The Year in Books 2004

While we may have a few of these types of big-hitters on our combined lists, PopMatters' ultra-eclectic league of book reviewers have, for the most part, steered clear of praising the already over praised.

Monday, November 22 2004

Killing to be Clever: Alone with Max Barry

Max Barry has been called this generation's answer to George Orwell. But how bleak is his vision of the future, really? PopMatters books critic Nikki Tranter investigates.

Tuesday, November 9 2004

8th Annual Texas Book Festival

Ah, the legacy of S.E. Hinton, young adult fiction writer extraordinaire. Her books will forever be associated with adolescence for scores of readers.

Tuesday, September 14 2004

An Interview with Marc Acito

Marc Acito, a humor columnist, whose syndicated column 'The Gospel According to Marc,' appears in 18 newspapers nationwide.

Monday, April 12 2004

An Interview with Tibor Fischer

British author Tibor Fischer talks to PopMatters about his new book Voyage to the End of the Room and how London is becoming a 'hellhole'.

Saturday, February 7 2004

Life After McSweeneys: An Interview with Neal Pollack

Since concluding his music/book tour, Pollack sat down with PopMatters to discuss his new book, the art of parody, favorite music and what exactly the author's role is in a media-rich society.

The Right Thing: An Interview with Claire LaZebnik

Fed up with women's literature creating heroes out of lazy women who lie, cheat and steal to reach the top, Claire LaZebnik decided it was time to take a look at the other side of the coin.

Monday, January 19 2004

Best Books of 2003

The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem (Doubleday)In The Fortress of Solitude, Jonathan Lethem triumphs in several different areas. He masterfully evokes the ‘70s

Fairy Lights and Fear: The Best “True Crime” of 2003

This project began as a quest to find the best true crime books of the year. Believe us, we sifted through all manner of junk to make this list. It was worth it, though, because along the way we discovered some modern-day classics.

Triumphs and Yellow Dogs: The Best and Worst Books of 2003

If you made a list of the authors who released new novels this year, 2003 would seem like a stellar year for literary fiction. A new book bearing the name Martin Amis or Margaret Atwood or J. M. Coetzee or Toni Morrison on its dustjacket is enough to perk up a reader's or a critic's season, but to have so many big-name authors publishing new works in the same span of months promises an embarrassment of riches.

Wednesday, January 14 2004

Killing to be Clever: Alone with Max Barry

Max Barry has been called this generation's answer to George Orwell. But how bleak is his vision of the future, really? PopMatters books critic Nikki Tranter investigates.

Wednesday, November 12 2003

Using Language Against Itself: An Interview with Robbie Conal, ArtBurn

You’ve seen them. Garish black and white caricatures of Real Important white guys (OK, sometimes a couple black ones) in their suits, smart-ass wordplay

Friday, September 26 2003

Stephen Gould’s Evolution: Iconoclast Popularizer to Pop Icon

The most fascinating issue on which Gould took his colleagues to task was adaptation, and whether evolution is progressive. Does natural selection work to improve living things? The Dawkins gang said yes; Gould said no.

Wednesday, September 3 2003

A Policy Poisoned by Money: An Interview With Greg Palast

One thing investigative journalist Greg Palast is not is some blow-dried cream puff crowing the party line on CNN or Fox News. While America has

Thursday, July 3 2003

The House of the Scorpion and More: Summer Reading List for Ages 8-15

Now, six years later, things are quite different: George W. is our president, Laura Bush is the First Lady, and the Texas Book Festival has morphed into one of the premier literary events in the country.

Tuesday, June 10 2003

Interview with Mara Leveritt

The True Story of the West Memphis Three, on the details behind the indictment of three Arkansas boys for a group of gruesome 1993 murders.

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