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Monday, January 22 2007

The Second Looting of New Orleans

The city is an international symbol of neglect and racism. But the federal government isn't the only one to blame.

Wednesday, January 17 2007

The Birth of an Idea: Instant Nation

The history of the United States is essentially the history of an idea; the idea that all men are created equal, and its gradual manifestation in actuality with all of its contradictions and hypocrisies.

Monday, January 15 2007

Barbra Streisand: Lessons from a Lesbian Icon

The existence of gay male fans of Barbra is well documented and highly visible, but in the lesbian community, our fandom is just as long lived, though not as well known.

Sunday, January 7 2007

Sex, Hope and Rock and Roll: A Conversation with Ellen Willis

Chris O'Connell remembers a very personal and poignant conversation with political essayist, journalist, and rock critic Ellen Willis.

Thursday, December 7 2006

A Freight Train of Hate

Michael Richards's racist outburst made him a scapegoat, but not in the way those who regard him as the "real victim" think.

Wednesday, November 1 2006

Kings Dominion

Though they aspire to be as safe as suburbia, amusement parks provide pleasure beyond class consciousness.

Thursday, October 5 2006

Bombay Dreaming and the Class Configurations of Home: A Review and Interview

The first South Asian musical to be produced in English -- a musical project that germinated from an idea shared between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Shekhar Kapur --Bombay Dreams offers a vibrant and energetic panorama of the Indian popular cinema world, as well as an important critique of corporate capitalism.

Wednesday, September 13 2006

The Slow Dance by Mark Janka (The Lesser Birds of Paradise)

the Slow Dance.

Wednesday, September 6 2006

Low Road to the High Glossies: An Interview with Freelance Writer Jonathan Miles

What a sweet thing that was, to see people reading your words, to hear them bitch and moan, to give them the behind-the-scenes bits and the unverifiable gossip.

Tuesday, September 5 2006

When MySpace Became HerSpace

A formerly anonymous user finds out what it's like to be a Featured Profile.

Tuesday, August 29 2006

Unspeakable Tragedy: Race and Katrina

After Katrina, America was poised for a national conversation about race that never actually took place. What happened to squander the opportunity?

Friday, August 25 2006


While the demands of many gamers and the dreams of many game designers seem concentrated on increasing layers of complexity, critics continually praise those games that buck the trend and opt for playable simplicity. Richard Jude Goodness explains how one such game helped spark the gamer urge inside him while showing him the way a game built on simple gameplay could also be thoroughly engaging.

Monday, August 21 2006

Top Ten Tight-Arse Tricks: Saving Money on Tour by The Grates

For frequent flyers, especially musicians, the expense of travel can often be a real strain. To help their fellows, the Grates offer these ten favorite tips for saving cash on the road without risking jail time.

Friday, August 18 2006

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Spinning the dial and turning back the clock, Bill Gibron travels back in time to nights bathed in darkness and pierced by the crackle of static. Emerging from the speakers, voices beckon our traveler to reflect back on ghostly images of time gone by, revived and resuscitated like the radio drama format itself, and inexorably tied to the long moment-out-of-time that was .

Tuesday, August 15 2006

More Than a Mouthful

The proliferation of food pornography threatens to overwhelm one of our most fundamental pleasures.

Wednesday, July 26 2006

Defacing Wikipedia

As a free fount of altruistically supplied information, the ever-growing online encyclopedia is a researcher's boon and a model for aggregating the collective knowledge of the human species. So how come all I want to do is vandalize it?

Defacing Wikipedia

As a free fount of altruistically supplied information, the ever-growing online encyclopedia is a researcher's boon and a model for aggregating the collective knowledge of the human species. So how come all I want to do is vandalize it?

Friday, July 21 2006

Sid Meir’s Pirates!

In contrast to the the infamy surrounding its more contemporaneous descendents, G. Christopher Williams explores the past of the free-roaming criminal video game in its more swashbuckling origins, noting that Pirates! not only made history, but that history made the game less unsettling without losing the fun. Avast, maties!

Everything I Needed to Know About Journalism, I Learned from Jayson Blair

Budding journalist Matt L. Perrone recounts his real-life run-ins with Jayson Blair and Wolf Blitzer in an exploration of the cruel realities of his craft.

Thursday, July 6 2006

We Can Rebuild Him: Bionic Commando

Open-ended gameplay, environmental interactivity, bionic arms, and exploding Nazis... on the Nintendo Entertainment System? Mike Schiller explains why the old-school classic Bionic Commando had it all.

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