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Sunday, February 10 2008

No Punk Left Behind

How dissent is sustained in the face of consumerism and co-optation in Bloomington, Indiana, a quintessential midwestern college town.

Tuesday, February 5 2008

Plough Shares: Gardening’s Radical Edge

Can political activism be achieved with a trowel and some bulbs? For Guerrilla Gardeners, the act of urban planting is more than beautification, it's a reclamation of public space that challenges concepts of municipal ownership.

Thursday, October 25 2007

Teenage Wasteland

A night in a police cruiser in a typical American college town reveals the cumulative effects of suburban boredom.

Sunday, August 26 2007

Wyndham Lewis: The Irascible Enemy

Wyndham Lewis brought a scintillating intellect to his artistic endeavors. If only we could let him loose on the majority culture of our time.

Thursday, July 26 2007

Confidence Games on Canal Street

Consumers of counterfeit branded products may be dupes or they may be shrewd shoppers, but they are also communicators; people who demonstrate literacy in the meanings attached to certain symbols in the marketplace both of goods and ideas.

Monday, July 23 2007

The Transformation of Generation X

The fascination with the shape-shifting toy may have something to do with a metamorphosis this nostalgic cohort wants to forestall -- the change to adulthood.

Sunday, July 22 2007

Carrying the Water: On Michael Eric Dyson

It is Dyson’s ability to make himself and his work accessible to lay audiences -- ironically much like grassroots activists -- that makes him a target for those folk within the academy and elsewhere, who don’t believe that his work is rigorous enough.

Wednesday, June 13 2007

How America’s Most Renowned Improv Club Stays Second to None

Recently, Second City unveiled "Between Barack and a Hard Place" and then sat back stunned by what the gods of sketch comedy had wrought: rave reviews; talk about how the troupe is rediscovering its political edge; and box-office business like nothing the club had seen in some time.

Tuesday, June 5 2007

The Night After the Poker Party

Online poker playing is one part skill, one part chance -- and one part gambling. Some players want unrestricted access to real payoffs, no matter if they'll likely lose more than they'll win.

Wednesday, May 9 2007

Electric Litigationland

The lucrative marketing of Jimi Hendrix's image has spawned a series of lawsuits and possibly a reality show.

Monday, April 16 2007

Nine Wives

In the modern day, much like the archaic harems, there is no better way to show off a wealthy and important man than to show him surrounded by subservient women: observe James Bond or 50 Cent.

Thursday, April 12 2007

Don Imus: The Character of the Content

It would be easy to "get over" a disparaging remark about one’s race or gender (or religion or sexual orientation) if one could confidently believe that one's thus ridiculed identity would never be the cause of denied fair treatment, or extended common courtesy, in society at large.

Thursday, March 29 2007

The Death of Jean Baudrillard Did Not Take Place

The controversial French philosopher's legacy has been tarnished by reductionist readings of his work, generated precisely by the tendencies of the mass media he sought to illuminate.

Tuesday, March 27 2007

Ave Anna: Anna Nicole Smith and Celebrity Culture

Lost in the media's sensationalizing of Anna Nicole Smith was any sense of the human being behind the myth.

Sunday, March 4 2007

Not Such a Merry Dance

Should it matter that Simone Clarke, a ballerina for the English National Ballet, is also a member of the far-right, anti-immigrant British National Party?

Thursday, March 1 2007

The Rise of Christian Fascism and Its Threat to American Democracy

We must attend to growing social and economic inequities in order to stop the most dangerous mass movement in American history -- or face a future of fascism under the guise of Christian values.

Sunday, February 25 2007

Sorting Out Farrakhan’s Legacy

Farrakhan has been both vilified as an anti-Semite and also deified for championing the interests of the black poor.

Monday, February 12 2007

The Kink Continuum

When Jason Fortuny baited BSDM fetishists on Craigslist, he exposed their personal information -- and our society's rampant sexual hypocrisy.

Thursday, February 8 2007

The Terrorists of Our Imagination Aren’t Muslims… They’re Us

Terrorism is now the stuff of fiction, as a glance at the best-seller lists will attest. But while Islamic plotters make the headlines, the terrorists we find on the bookshelves live in our own backyard.

Wednesday, February 7 2007

Salon Language

Communicating aesthetic ideals and desires is daunting, even for artists. When you’re not the artist, it's even more difficult. But this is exactly the predicament in the hair salon.

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