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Wednesday, March 1 2006

FOUND Magazine

Gazing at the collected fragments of other people's litter, Schabe finds a little bit of himself and a lot of humanity in the magnifying glass world of the lost and FOUND.

Wednesday, February 22 2006

Bob Greene’s Be True to Your School

After exploring Bob Greene's diary of 1964 for the past 15 years, Besenyodi is able to move past Greene's very public fall from grace and maintain an appreciation for the book and its influence on his own origins and high school memories.

Wednesday, February 1 2006

Family Circus: Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love

Abernethy learns to look below the surface of appearances with the aid of a book that funhouse-mirrors our own ugliness and holds it up to the light in lurid spectacle.

Tuesday, December 13 2005

Every Bedroom Is a Porn Studio

An analysis of how gay-porn site Amateur Straight Guys indulges fantasies not of indulgence or sexual abandon but of control and revenge.

Wednesday, November 9 2005

Where’s My Dylar?: Don DeLillo’s White Noise

DeLillo's 1985 masterpiece has its finger on the pulse of our most universal preoccupations.

Wednesday, November 2 2005

Urban Urbanity: Fran Lebowitz

Gibron salutes the Messiah of Misery, a humorist ensconced in the concepts of camp and kitsch, the glee in gay culture, and inspirational insights into the life of the mind that would make Barton Fink balk.

Thursday, October 27 2005

From Your First Cigarette to Your Last Dyin’ Day: Schlong’s Punk Side Story

Horn discovers the hidden connections between Berkeley and Broadway. Start snapping your fingers....

Wednesday, October 12 2005

It Gets Under My Skin

The Body Worlds exhibit showcases human anatomy in a simultaneously life-affirming/death-everlasting way.

Tuesday, October 4 2005

Moon Musick: Coil’s Musick to Play in the Dark

In which Schiller discovers beauty and majesty that he never thought possible in experimental electronic music.

Wednesday, August 24 2005

The Iliad

Pride, lust, mortality, and divinity -- McClinton breaks down the heady language and epic grandeur of this classic of classics to reveal a heart that speaks to modern life as easily as it did the ancient world.

Wednesday, August 10 2005

Pizza Pizza

Taking a large, appreciative bite of bland consistency and ubiquitous uniformity, one writer challenges refined taste to prove an old adage right and discover a slice of identity.

Tuesday, August 2 2005

2001: A Space Odyssey

In the journey from utter bewilderment to appreciative awe, Gibron explores how this most contentious film unfolds its philosophical messages slowly, on-screen and over the years.

Thursday, July 14 2005

Iron Maiden’s Live After Death

A young metal-head Begrand discovers heavy metal's Holy Grail of live albums, sparking a passion that continues to inspire two decades on.

Monday, July 11 2005

Burn, Baby, Burn

Last we checked, not a single soldier in Iraq has been wounded or killed by a burning flag. A burnt flag has taken no one's job, nor stolen anyone's pension. Health-care premiums have not skyrocketed because of scorched Stars and Stripes. So why have Republicans made a anti-flag-burning amendment legislative priority number one?

Thursday, July 7 2005

London Bawling

Robert Collins shares his experiences living through today's terrorist attack in London and reflects on possible political and cultural repercussions for the British capital.

Wednesday, June 22 2005

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

In the deceptively surreal trappings of a children's television show, Devine finds real art, capturing the essence of childhood struggles and the spirit of individuality in characters strange, great, and small.

Tuesday, June 14 2005

Cinnamon Skin

In the consciousness of post-9/11 America, is Arab a race or a nationality? Or does it sit at the white-hot point where the differences between the two melt?

Wednesday, May 25 2005

Screw a Kid, Gain a Vote: Texas Politics and the Children Who Make It Possible

The Dignity for All Students Act continues to rot in committee, Grusendorf is making sure that his own

Tuesday, May 24 2005

Ties That Bind

Carducci tells of his first-hand experience with how the 'power tie' truly ties one in to power.

Wednesday, April 6 2005

Esuvee: The Public Service Announcement’s Latest, Fully-CGI-Loaded Vehicle

Gone are the Public Service Announcement's anti-smoking principles of the '60s and '70s, the Mothers Against Drunk Driving scare tactics of the '80s. Esuvee is the young man's souped-up McGruff. While the Esuvee animation looks better than the cartoon dog, relying on the latest technology to create a kind of Jurassic Park of driving precautions, it doesn't really say very much of merit.

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