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Wednesday, June 22 2005

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

In the deceptively surreal trappings of a children's television show, Devine finds real art, capturing the essence of childhood struggles and the spirit of individuality in characters strange, great, and small.

Tuesday, June 14 2005

Cinnamon Skin

In the consciousness of post-9/11 America, is Arab a race or a nationality? Or does it sit at the white-hot point where the differences between the two melt?

Wednesday, May 25 2005

Screw a Kid, Gain a Vote: Texas Politics and the Children Who Make It Possible

The Dignity for All Students Act continues to rot in committee, Grusendorf is making sure that his own

Tuesday, May 24 2005

Ties That Bind

Carducci tells of his first-hand experience with how the 'power tie' truly ties one in to power.

Wednesday, April 6 2005

Esuvee: The Public Service Announcement’s Latest, Fully-CGI-Loaded Vehicle

Gone are the Public Service Announcement's anti-smoking principles of the '60s and '70s, the Mothers Against Drunk Driving scare tactics of the '80s. Esuvee is the young man's souped-up McGruff. While the Esuvee animation looks better than the cartoon dog, relying on the latest technology to create a kind of Jurassic Park of driving precautions, it doesn't really say very much of merit.

Monday, April 4 2005

Monday, February 28 2005

Jeff Gannon: Erosion of Ethics

Condemning Jeff Gannon is the moment when everyone in the media jumped the shark, and decided that selling your body demanded your immediate exile.

Jeff Gannon: Bad Apple from a Rotten Tree

The real question is not how a hooker got into the White House, but how the White House became such a low-rent brothel in the first place.

Monday, January 17 2005

The Long Shadow of the Dream

Tensions between activists from Dr. Martin Luther King's era and young progressives 10 years later brought the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Social Change to a critical point. As an intern at a summer institute, Reynolds recalls that for him and his fellow progressives, they're formative experiences weren't the Cold War but the Vietnam War, not water cannons but Watergate. And now, 40 years later, how can Dr. King's lessons be applied to today's activists?

Wednesday, December 1 2004

Five Years of PopMatters: Television

Television continues to be a captivating window into our world, for better or for worse, and throughout all these shifts and events, PopMatters has worked to keep readers informed of what's going on in the strange universe of the boob tube.

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Five Years of PopMatters: Multimedia

One of PopMatters' youngest sections, Multimedia is an area coming into its own. Video games are a strong industry in the world of consumer products, and games for consoles, computers, and arcades continue to drive much of the development in interactive technologies.

Five Years of PopMatters: Interviews

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Five Years of PopMatters: Film

For the last five years, PopMatters has provided smart, literate film reviews, informative interviews, and insightful features that combine a knowledge of film history, cultural issues, and a sense of film as both an art form and an entertainment industry.

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Our crew works hard to bring PopMatters readers excellent reporting on the experience of seeing musicians ply their craft on stage. The tours they cover are often the names on the lips of critics everywhere, and our writers cut through the hype to present objective and analytical observations that expose weaknesses and uphold strengths.

Five Years of PopMatters: Comics

While sometimes we may touch on the inner workings of the industry in order to emphasize a point or analyze how it affects a particular work, this isn't our primary concern. Instead, we focus on evaluating the work in a larger context, and trying to help develop the small but growing realm of intelligent comics commentary.

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