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Tuesday, July 10 2001

Is There a Gangsta Double Standard?

-- I personally have no problem saying that 'The Sopranos' and 'The Marshall Mathers LP' are masterpieces. I am simply waiting (maybe in vain) for media critics to acknowledge the creative genius of Black rap 'gangstas.'

Thursday, June 14 2001

Questioning the Answer

Now that Iverson is a superstar in professional basketball, critics are no longer able to point to his controversial gangsta image as a sign of the juvenile unruliness that had prevented him from winning early in his career. Instead, Iverson is widely praised for recognizing the error of his ways in order at last to 'grow up,' to 'accept responsibility,' and to 'become a man.'

Friday, May 25 2001

A Song for Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, while others will attend cookouts, go to the movies, or find the nearest swimming hole, I will be going on a search to find Clyde's grave.

Tuesday, February 13 2001

Ten Modest Proposals

I'd like to point out that had this election not involved many large and cumbersome piles of punch-cards that the media insist on calling "votes," the process would have gone much more smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

Friday, December 22 2000

Election Statement

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling effectively prohibiting recounts in Florida of what are being called “undervotes”—a ruling that has decided the

Monday, November 6 2000

I Can Sing a Rainbow: Towards a Sensible Music

According to Coldplay, recently lofted bafflingly high in the UK charts, 'It was all yellow'. Quite what it was and how it came to be yellow are not specified, although several unsavoury suggestions come to mind by the time of the fourth hearing of this song (ingeniously entitled 'Yellow').

Thursday, September 28 2000

Purple Haze, Swoopy Maze: EMP in Review

All the fanfare in the world won’t tell you what it’s like to visit a museum. Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP) had

Tuesday, July 4 2000

London: The Urban Plastic Utterance

Listening to Jamie, the lead singer of Hepburn, mangling the phrase 'Have you ever been down? / Deep deep down?' recently, you might have been forgiven for thinking that London has finally lost its privileged place in the geography of British music.

Wednesday, June 7 2000

The New Cyborgs: Cyberculture and Women’s Webcams

What is so exciting about an unmade bed? And not just one unmade bed but thousands across the globe sitting in empty rooms alongside empty chairs and the tattered remains of last nights parties. These are some of the sights that have become addictive to the many people who regularly view 24-hour live Webcam sites on the Net.

Saturday, May 13 2000

Memories of the Family Vacation at Gayworld

I remember all those cute lesbians. Oh yeah, and this one drag queen, pointing to another drag queen next to me who was wearing six-inch, clear plastic heels, said to her girlfriend, "You knock her over. I'll take her shoes." That was sweet.

Friday, March 3 2000

The Comic Strip Moves to the Suburbs: Settling For Less & Loving It!

Rather than deal in extremes, today's comic strip reflects society at its most mundane. Neither high society nor impoverished slum graces the comics page. A move uptown is construed as elitist, and the impoverished hayseed only makes us queasy.

Friday, January 14 2000

Being Lara Croft, or, We Are All Sci Fi

If the Lara facing us is a living contradiction, at once a sex symbol and a rejection of the objectifying gaze, the videogame's Lara Croft —-- mute, unreal, and looking the other way -- is a virtual contradiction, at once a sort of riot grrrl and a sort of fetish.

Friday, January 7 2000

I Never Promised You an Identity: E-love and the End of Intimacy

Sometime in October of ‘98 I received an angry email from a woman who was clearly upset. She recounted, in somewhat broken English, long flirtations in

Saturday, January 1 2000

Progressive History: A Year with the King Crimson Collectors’ Club

King Crimson have never been known for playing things by the book — rather, they’d write the book first, in their own set of glyphs,

Friday, November 19 1999

Fighting the Hand that Feeds You (If the Body Wears a Microsoft Shirt)

In a Western setting, it seems that a central aspect of being a fan of someone or something always means being hungry for more of the same — it is not enough simply to be satisfied with what's already out there, and what originally made the fan become a fan, but there is a nearly unstillable hunger for continuous reaffirmation of one's reasons for being a fan, through new product.

Monday, October 18 1999

Why Does Pop Matter?

Reading a magazine called PopMatters, you would probably expect to find out why Pop matters? What is the purpose of Pop? Is there a difference between Pop and popular when we talk about culture? Is popular culture study a convenient excuse for wasting intellectual resources, or is it the most vital issue in contemporary society?

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