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Thursday, July 21 2005

James Dean Iconography: Archetypes, Stereotypes, and the Imitation of Life

James Dean's devastatingly good looks and '50s loner chic have often overshadowed his intuitive acting style; many look at Dean in retrospect and see a matinee idol, a pin-up, not a craftsman on the exulted level of his contemporary Marlon Brando.

Friday, July 1 2005


Winchell is best known as the voice of that bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, ball of Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! called Tigger.

Tuesday, June 21 2005

Geeks Globally Act Locally: Otaku Cinema Slam! (4 March-27 May 2005)

The basic generic reference points for Otaku Cinema Slam! are accessible to Western viewers, but the cultural particulars may not be clear.

Friday, June 17 2005

Cape Fear: Courage, Calling and Community in Batman Begins

Batman's struggle for moral involvement in his community starkly contrasts with our own cultural narcissism.

Friday, June 10 2005

Chutzpah and Grace: Anne Bancroft (1931-2005)

Anne Bancroft was one classy broad.

Thursday, June 2 2005

How Lucas Used His Force

With Revenge of the Sith, is it possible that Lucas risked his merchandising empire for his own paternal legacy?

Friday, May 20 2005

Better Than Great: Frank Gorshin (1934-2005)

It was as a straight stage act in smoke-filled clubs and Las Vegas showrooms that Frank Gorshin was at his best.

Tuesday, May 17 2005

Fandom Menace

How few installments of a series can you enjoy while still claiming to be a 'fan'?

Memo to George Lucas: Go to Hell

I'm not in love with you and your special universe anymore. You've let me down and now, you've insulted my intelligence.

Monday, May 16 2005


Harold Lloyd was one of the most and successful silent film comedians. And yet, for today's audiences, he remains mostly unknown. In his day, however, Lloyd rivaled Chaplin and Keaton at the box office, making films for over 20 years.

Friday, May 13 2005

Love Stories: Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 21-28 April 2005

The 2005 Festival delivered on its motto: 'A cultural project proud of its deep roots and fed by the love of cinema and of freedom'.

Friday, May 6 2005

Its Own Mechanism: Before and After, Jean-Luc Godar

Few filmmakers have sought so relentlessly to break down our concepts of projected images and words.

Friday, April 29 2005

Up in the Clouds, At Last: Sir John Mills, 1908-2005

Sir John Mills' life reads much like that of a character in one of his wartime films: average bloke succeeds through determination, hard work, and luck.

Friday, April 8 2005

The Early Sturges: Preston Sturges Screenplays, 1930-1939

Preston Sturges painted an America as out-of-control jalopy full of fast-talking cons, greedy rubes, snappy girls, and exasperated fat cats with cockeyed intentions.

Friday, March 18 2005

Without a Doubt: Teresa Wright, 1918-2005

Teresa Wright demanded and earned respect.

South by Southwest Film 2005: A Field Journal

One film at the festival boasting more established talents is The Ballad of Jack and Rose. Written and directed by Rebecca Miller (Personal Velocity), the

Thursday, March 17 2005

South by Southwest Film 2005: A Field Journal

Days Four and Five: How the Other Half Lives -- From the US to Bolivia to the Philippines, these films journey through the slums and alleys of the world, contemplating those who dwell on the margins and the hardships they must endure.

Wednesday, March 16 2005

South by Southwest Film 2005: A Field Journal

Days Two and Three: Hideous, Kinky -- There are, in fact, meaningful, compelling stories on offer here -- if one could only step away long enough from the plush confines of the VIP room.

Tuesday, March 15 2005

South by Southwest Film 2005: A Field Journal

The Wendell Baker Story The massive gray halls of the Austin Convention Center stretch out in all directions. Taking up a full city block, the

Wednesday, February 23 2005

Lost Beyond the Sea: Sandra Dee (1942-2005)

It's hard to envision Sandra Dee as an actual person. For so long, she was an icon, an emblem of virginal purity who seemed incapable of complexity, vulnerability, or even inner life.

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