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Friday, February 11 2005

Tricked: The Science Fiction Films of Ray Harryhausen

Over his career, spanning 25 years and 15 movies, Ray Harryhausen took to new heights the standards of stop-motion animation and optical compositing.

Monday, February 7 2005

Doing the Right Thing: Ossie Davis (1917-2005)

It's no surprise then that when he passed away on 4 February 2005, Davis was yet a vital, energetic, and -- most importantly -- working actor.

Thursday, January 6 2005

Best Movies 2004

A highlight of 2004 was the way documentary reclaimed a place on the big screen.

Best Movies 2004

This past year's films are at once peculiarly individual expressions and easy to group by genre: studio comedies were funnier than usual; horror films were intriguing in concept but disappointing in execution; science fiction was undercooked.

Best DVDs 2004

Colgan loves the bewitching Buffy and eye-dazzling Peter Pan as well as the comic brilliance of the Office.

Best Horror Films 2004

The dead returned to life during 2004, with Zack Snyder's mall-set remake and Edgar Wright's pub-set spoof.

Worst Media Events 2004

PopMatters' Political Editor presents the most shameful moments of the year in the US media, from Star Jones' wedding to the embarassment of William Hung and the hypocrisy of Bill O'Reilly.

Most Significant Moments in Australian Television

Great though it may have been to see Australia's longest running soap tackle issues beyond who's at the pub, the whole lesbian thing turned ridiculous with Skye's conflicts and Lana's perving on every woman in the Coffee Shop.

Best Television 2004

I seem to be in the minority by thinking that this last season of The Sopranos was boring. In fact, I found most of the past year on television to be unexciting. So I looked for treasures in hidden places.

Best Movies 2004

Kuersten raves about the controversial director Lars Von Trier's condemnation of the hypocrisy of the New Testament in 2004's Dogville.

Best Movies 2004

This annual ritual of looking back has rarely seemed so apt. As it turns out, a majority of the year's worthy films take up precisely this theme, treating the messy processes of memory and/or history as exercises in creativity, anxiety, and futility.

Best Music Videos 2004

Music videos continue to push boundaries, visual, technical, and political. And new artists continue to emerge alongside the old.

Best DVDs 2004

The year 2004 was monumental in the brief history of DVD. The death knell tolled for VHS, while the next big innovation started a blue-ray vs. HD DVD debate that lit up blogs and bulletin boards across the web.

Tuesday, December 7 2004

Monkey King

As a filmmaker, Jerry Lewis reveled in the possibilities of widescreen cinematography, stereophonic sound, and audacious bursts of Technicolor.

Wednesday, December 1 2004

Five Years of PopMatters: Film

For the last five years, PopMatters has provided smart, literate film reviews, informative interviews, and insightful features that combine a knowledge of film history, cultural issues, and a sense of film as both an art form and an entertainment industry.

Friday, November 5 2004

Everyday Existentialism: The Next Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan's films are both a little grounded and a little weightless.

Saturday, October 30 2004

The Sounds of Fear

From symphonic to choral, electronic and progressive rock, these very different scores reveal innovation that is rarely found outside the horror genre.

Friday, October 15 2004

Man of Steel: Christopher Reeve 1952-2004

Reeve's Kent was an essentially tragic figure, a man set apart from the masses by dint of a powerful secret.

Thursday, September 23 2004

BAMcinématek Presents: The World According to Shorts

The World According to Shorts this year offered punchy films organized so their rhythms meld into a syncopated pulse.

Grab Bag of Queerness: 17th Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival

Whether they reflected something true-to-life or were just bizarre, these films united a whole community of queer people who might not otherwise feel connected to each other.

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