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Saturday, October 30 2004

The Sounds of Fear

From symphonic to choral, electronic and progressive rock, these very different scores reveal innovation that is rarely found outside the horror genre.

Friday, October 15 2004

Man of Steel: Christopher Reeve 1952-2004

Reeve's Kent was an essentially tragic figure, a man set apart from the masses by dint of a powerful secret.

Thursday, September 23 2004

BAMcinématek Presents: The World According to Shorts

The World According to Shorts this year offered punchy films organized so their rhythms meld into a syncopated pulse.

Grab Bag of Queerness: 17th Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival

Whether they reflected something true-to-life or were just bizarre, these films united a whole community of queer people who might not otherwise feel connected to each other.

Wednesday, September 15 2004

Frankenstein 9-11

The family values movement teaches people to be loyal only to their own kin, and to pursue familial interests without concern for a larger society.

Friday, July 30 2004

BAMcinématek Presents: Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres Select

You may not fully appreciate Steve Buscemi's abilities as an actor until you see him in person.

Thursday, July 8 2004

Are My Methods Unsound?: Marlon Brando, 1924-2004

On screen, he rebelled against 'the man'; offscreen, he rebelled against the rebel stereotype imposed on him.

Thursday, June 3 2004

Living in Dreams: Wong Kar-Wai

Fluid and erratic, viscous and elusive, Wong Kar-Wai's films are feats of dream logic.

Thursday, May 13 2004

The 18th Annual Washington, DC International Film Festival

This year's Filmfest DC, the 18th, was mild cause for excitement among locals and hardly at all for international cinephiles. Thus, it seems, it will always be for a film festival located in the capital, where the national soap opera invariably drowns out everything in its radius.

Thursday, May 6 2004

Better Than the Material

Groundhog Day reconciles the smart-ass and nice guy aspects of Bill Murray's persona completely, and weirdly parallels his career.

47th San Francisco International Film Festival

At the San Francisco International Film Festival, it's entirely possible to assemble your own festival within a festival, to choose your own adventure. Like life in San Francisco, you can forget about the next big thing in favor of doing your own thing.

Wednesday, April 28 2004

The Philadelphia Film Festival Report

This year at the Philadelphia Film Festival, the movies are the focus, from a 30th Anniversary screening of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Control Room, a documentary on Al Jazeera filmed during the takeover of Iraq.

Thursday, April 22 2004

Mortality and Mercy in Los Angeles

In the decade since Pulp Fiction's release, fans and detractors alike have had difficulty reconciling the film's spiritual aspect with its violent imagery, ironic tonal fluctuations, stylized dialogue, and ubiquitous pop culture references.

Monday, April 12 2004

The Passion of the Dead

The Passion of the Christ is as much a horror movie as Dawn of the Dead writes Nenonen. Both films deal with damnation, death, and resurrection. Neither offers any hope for salvation through human virtue.

Friday, January 9 2004

Top 10 Films of 2003

The movies were as dismal as the times. A year clouded by a slumping economy, lost jobs, broken alliances, a new war, reconstruction blues, SARS,

Top 10 DVDs of 2003

If the films shown at the New Czech Film Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music are any indication, to this day Czechoslovakia is a country of dueling emotions and opposite impulses.

Top 10 Films of 2003

In a year of blockbuster sequels, self-important prestige pics, and uninspired indies, the real film finds were few and far between. Here are the unexpected

Repetition and Revenge: Top Films of 2003

The year’s cinematic output had everything to do with the complex cultural climate. Fearing mortality, yearning for connection, and lusting for vengeance appeared again

Top 10 Films of 2003

I love making lists, especially wish lists. And so I relish the opportunity to make a Top 10 of 2003 films as it will remind me to

Top 10 Films of 2003

It’s curious that something as seemingly random as a year’s worth of movies can somehow take on its own semi-coherent themes. Following 2001 (the

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