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Thursday, January 2 2003

Best Shorts of 2002

A fan of making lists, movies, and making lists of movies, I’ve published best-of lists consistently for about ten years. That such lists usually

Best Television 2002

It’s been about 8,760 hours since the last time that I wrote a year-end best list. Considering that I receive 68 channels on my television, if

Multitasking: Best of 2002

It appears that that the past year’s economic downturn motivated filmmakers to work harder. Or, at least they worked more. The year’s U

Best and Worst of Film and TV 2002

All the exciting movies come out at the end of the year in the U.S., which means we over here in Australia don’t

Best Films of 2002

A strong start, a humdrum middle, a stirring finish: 2002 defied all reasonable expectations, offering the first annus mirabilis of the new century. Out from under

Top Ten Films of 2002

For me, this year’s best cinema came from outside the U.S., and really, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a joy to

Top Ten Television Shows

Top Ten Television Shows Here’s the gist of all the Best of TV lists that are available in Time, People, and TV Guide: 24, Alias,

Lone Adventurer: George Roy Hill

What the cinema will really miss, though, is his charisma, his voice.

Friday, December 6 2002

Fate Wears a Fedora

As much as the cinema molded his worldview, Jean-Pierre Melville was a man of action, tested in the course of conflict like few individuals who have chosen to display violence on screen.

Thursday, December 5 2002

An Outsider’s Insight: Karel Reisz (1926-2002)

Reisz had done more than touched a nerve. He had opened a vein.

Friday, November 29 2002

Smile When You Say That: James Coburn (1928-2002)

You had the feeling the man possessed an undeniable center of gravity that could allow him to prevail effortlessly in the midst of abject chaos.

Sunday, November 3 2002

Transcendent Realism: Jacques Becker Film Retrospective: Brooklyn Art Museum Cinemathek

Jacques Becker's work features a moral neutrality that leaves viewers to judge for themselves, unlike many contemporary efforts.

Friday, October 11 2002

Bowling for Columbine: An Interview with Michael Moore

I ask myself, 'Are you sitting at the Ritz doing interviews or are you working on that 9-11 film you're supposed to be making, to make sure that Bush isn't returned?'

Thursday, September 26 2002

The World According to Shorts: Brooklyn Art Museum Short Film Festival

Hope for the future of filmmaking seems, this year at least, to reside not in epics but in short films.

Thursday, August 15 2002

Creating Audiences: Reeling 2002: The 21st Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival

Reeling 2002 provides an opportunity to investigate how audiences create their movies and how movies create their audiences.

Friday, June 7 2002

Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner: An Interview with Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn

Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn work off each other. Emotional, psychic, spiritual -- they share rhythms that are difficult to pinpoint, fascinating to see.

Thursday, May 2 2002

Explorations: The Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival

The efforts of the Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival to use Jewish identity as a jumping-off point to promote understanding among many groups, are admirable and welcome.

Thursday, April 18 2002

The Wisconsin Film Festival 2002

The Wisconsin Film Festival represents the Badger State's belated but nimble leap onto the festival bandwagon.

Wednesday, April 10 2002

A Cynic’s Demise: Billy Wilder (1906-2002)

To the movie maven, Billy Wilder was the last of his kind, the most visible link to the Golden Age of Hollywood . . . he epitomized the professional spit and polish that the factory system of the major studios promoted.

Thursday, April 4 2002

Art Forms

When talking about movies, the phrase 'based on a video game' does not have to mean simply 'dumb'.

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