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Friday, December 29 2000

Top Ten Films of 2000

Top Ten Films of 2000 In the order in which I have arranged them: 1. Dancer in the Dark (Lars von Trier)The movie made me cry,

Best Media Matters of 2000

Best Media Matters of 2000 In a year without a mindblowingly original film like Being John Malkovich or a pop music epic like the Magnetic Field’

Top Ten Underrated TV Actors

Ah, ‘tis the season. Christmas trees and menorahs are household decorations, Dick Clark is emceeing his 93rd Annual New Year’s Eve Bash, and critics

Best Surprises of 2000

Best Surprises of 2000 Bad media are rarely startling. Good movies, videos, or TV shows, however, are often revelations—or at least pleasant surprises. Most of

These Precious Rantables: Nine Damned Annoying Pop Phenomena of 2000 (And One Joyful Event)

These Precious Rantables: Nine Damned Annoying Pop Phenomena of 2000 (And One Joyful Event) Far and away the best thing about writing for a pop culture

Wednesday, September 27 2000

Bigger and Bigger: Toronto International Film Festival 2000

Now that the 2000 Festival is over, there are still a few posters up, but most signs of it have been swept away by the street-cleaning crews. Some of the stars have gone home or wherever they go.

Friday, September 8 2000

The Way of the Gun: An Interview with Christopher McQuarrie

Chris McQuarrie doesn't look like someone from Hollywood. He doesn't wear black, his face is pleasant and his voice soft and deliberate, without the speed and breathlessness that afflict folks who spend too much time inside the business.

Thursday, August 31 2000

Nine Queens: An Interview with Director Fabián Bielinsky

Fabián Bielinsky greets me with a warm and hearty handshake.

Friday, December 31 1999

Top Ten Movies for 1999

Ten movies we liked in 1999, in no particular order. Something we didn’t like is how Hollywood movies are still overwhelmingly white. We are calling

TV-related highlights of 1999

It’s hard to say how and when tv goes wrong, but it does seem to do so inevitably and every year. 1999 was no exception.

Movie-related highlights of 1999

The ritual of year-end listing falls somewhere between purging and plugging, forgetting and remembering, a frustrating exercise in reduction and an entertaining way to recall

Top 10 Events Your Parents Were Oblivious To…

10. The Jenna Jameson CalendarPorn goes legit and looks beautiful. Also the only calendar in your dad’s workshop that’s got a model you KNOW

Top Ten Most Unnecessary Horror Sequels of the ‘90s

1. The Children of the Corn series:For heaven’s sake, as if the first King adaptation wasn’t bad enough, with garbled and incoherent dialogue

Top 10 Films of All Time

Warning: this list is hopelessly weighted toward the 1980s. The ‘80s were not a particularly good decade for film, yet it is the decade in

Sunday, January 1 1995

Interview with Hampton Fancher: The Minus Man

Hampton Fancher is classically cool: relaxed, earnest, seductive. Lean and gray-haired, he wears his shoes sockless and takes his coffee decaffeinated. Fancher grew up in

The Emotion of History: Interview with Rob Cohen, Director of Stealth

We're at a crossroads in terms of how American policy will be affected by technology in war.

There Wasn’t a Front Line: Interview with Michael Tucker and Jon Powers

The director discusses his new film Gunner Palace, a documentary about U.S. troops in Baghdad, during two months in 2003.

Dig Your Own Hole

The DIG! director, Ondi Timoner, explains her tumultuous editing process and how the recent DVD release helped her create her award-winning documentary.

Interview with Matthew McConaughey: The Wedding Planner

Matthew McConaughey has been a Redskins fan since he was four years old. He thinks it started with watching late-night movies on tv, when he rooted for the 'Indians' against the cowboys.

“There is No Aphrodisiac Like Innocence”: Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell 2

Many of Oshii's films have been meditations on the nature of humanity and how we relate to technology. Oshii is much more interested in exploring and surpassing the dichotomies of man/machine and reality/dreaming than he is in crafting plot and character.

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