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Monday, December 16 2002

Best Music of 2002: Steven Hyden

Following is my list of top 10 favorite albums for 2002. I say favorite instead of best because I didn’t listen to every album released this

Best Music of 2002: Andy Hermann

My goodness what a lot of great music came out in 2002. Even despite a few big disappointments (unlike a lot of people, new releases by

Best Music of 2002: Dave Heaton

Every year I’m flooded with music I love; here’s my best attempt to capture some of that in a list. 1. Tom Waits, Blood

Best Music of 2002: James Beaudreau

Putting together a “Best Of” list for 2002 proved a far more difficult task than it has in previous years. Sure, it always requires a bit

Best Music of 2002: Gary Glauber

2002: A Very Musical Year Assembling this year-end list was tougher than usual since there were so many varied and distinguished releases. First off, the criterion

Best Music of 2002: Andrew Gilstrap

1. Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head (Capitol)On 2000’s Parachutes, Coldplay got by on considerable youth, charm, and a knack for sweeping hooks

Best Music of 2002: Jon Garrett

Top 20 lists are a sham. For that matter, so are top 10 lists. How many albums from any given year can you honestly say you listen

Best Music of 2002: Cynthia Fuchs

“Makin’ hula-hoops of Saturn’s rings”: top hip-hop CDs in 2002 Many of the year’s most memorable events took place off wax. Snoop gave up

Best Music of 2002: Gypsy Flores

My Top Ten Favorites of 2002 Umani, I Muvrini (AGFB/EMI)I Muvrini’s latest release Umani (Humans) is a gorgeous collection of pop songs sung

Best Music of 2002: Adam Dlugacz

1. Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Nonesuch)2002 was a year that I spent more time contemplating what it meant to be an American, than I had in

Best Music of 2002: Mark Desrosiers

1. The Reputation, The Reputation (Initial)On the whole, I’m a bit prejudiced against undergrad finance students, since they seem to wrap their personalities around

Best Music of 2002: S. Renee Dechert

It was another fine year for alternative country music. My top two choices are from artists whose releases, strictly speaking, aren’t overtly country, but

Best Music of 2002: Jason Damas

1. Candy Butchers, Play With Your Head (RPM/Sony) On Play With Your Head, Mike Viola returned with the best pop record of the year-a tight

Best Music of 2002: Matt Cibula

1. Common, Electric Circus (MCA)Lonnie Lynn has spent his whole career as a rapper moving toward personal and artistic liberation, and on this long freaky

Best Music of 2002: Michael Christopher

Best and Worst of 2002 1. The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Warner Bros.)Pity those who have turned their back on the Flaming Lips

Best Music of 2002: Marshall Bowden

1. Patricia Barber, Verse (Blue Note/Premonition)Chicago’s very own Patricia Barber managed a huge breakthrough with this release, the first to feature her own

Best Music of 2002: Maurice Bottomley

1. Olajope, Batidos (Six Degrees)Olajope are Ron Trent and Jay Roderiguez. Ron Trent is the legendary Chicago deep house producer who surprised a lot of

Best Music of 2002: Anthony C. Bleach

If this list showcased the best music that I listened to in 2002, it would probably contain only two or three of the releases below. This

Best Music of 2002: Adrien Begrand

1. The Streets, Original Pirate Material (Vice)It might not blow you away at first listen, with its rather weak beats and innocuous, conversational “rapping”, but

Best Music of 2002: James Beaudreau

It’s been another great year for music—in rock, jazz, and reissues. Here at PopMatters, we writers have a good deal of leeway as

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