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Sunday, January 1 1995

Sensitive, Smart-Ass, and Really Fucking On: Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley on More Adventurous

“I would always feel inadequate among my friends who are great songwriters. I’ve been really lucky to be around people who write amazing lines

In a Different Place: Interviews with Andy Bell and Mark Gardener of Ride

Andy Bell and Mark Gardener of the legendary shoegazing band talk to PopMatters about the group's musical legacy and their current careers.

Interview with Louis Eliot of Rialto

Louis Eliot first started turning the heads of New Musical Express and Melody Maker readers back in the early ‘90s . . . okay, 1992, if you want to

Fest by Midwest: An Interview with Rhymefest

Radio needed that last single, and Rhymefest explains why this whole album is essential.

Relient K and CCM’s Salvation

Christian pop-punkers grow up within their two oft-criticized musical traditions.

Indie Punk Rock, Gender Politics, and the Bitch of Being Earnest

Amy Ray talks about her solo album, running her own label, activism, and the challenges of public speaking.

Slim Chancers: An Interview with The Rakes

The Rakes aren't your typical hungover vegan British rockers.

Revolution Now: An Interview with Queensryche

Queensryche's 1988 masterpiece Operation: Mindcrime was one of the most ambitious and subversive concept albums ever recorded. With the recently released sequel, leader Geoff Tate explains the genesis of the new album, while his daughter Miranda explains a little about him.

Coming Full Circle

When the hits stopped coming for Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, he was forced to sit on the sidelines while a burgeoning rock music scene took over the reins of popular music. Gary Puckett did the only thing that a musician can do -- he picked up his guitar and began to write.

One Cat Leads to Another: An Interview with Psapp

British electronic-music duo Psapp hopes to bring more snakes into its act.

So I Decided to Take My Work Underground: A Conversation with the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett

Howlett's excitement and musical kleptomania bubble back up, aiding the assembly of a greatest hits and visit to the US.

The Princess Brood

A conversation with Princess Superstar, the real heiress to Madonna's throne.

Bang! Bang! Bang!: An Interview with Primal Scream

The band goes back to their rock 'n' roll roots for the new album. Fighting is optional.

Finding a Prickly Place in History

Porcupine Tree's Steve Wilson won't take it with him, and that's just fine.

Don’t Stop Now: An Interview with Robert Pollard

The prolific songwriter puts his Voices behind him but still has plenty to say.

Don’t Stop Now: An Interview with Robert Pollard

The prolific songwriter puts his Voices behind him but still has plenty to say.

The Lone Survivor: An Interview with Liam Hayes of Plush

For someone who claims he doesn’t listen to music all that much, Liam Hayes is doing a pretty good job making it. As the

Best Foot Forward: An Interview with Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers

The Platinum Pied Pipers carry the burden and fortune of residencies at mega-Motortown camps Motown and Slum Village. Yet the group is set to strike out on its own with its debut, Triple P. Producer and one half of the duo Waajeed brings it on down.

“I Want It to Have Edges”: An Interview with Pinback’s Zach Smith

Zach Smith's excited about his band, his other band, his friend's band, his label...

Get Old or Die Trying: An Interview with Piebald

Travis Shettel of Piebald has lived through it all: comeback albums, tattoos, straight edge, surgery on his vocal cords... but can he survive emo?

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