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7 Feb 2007 // 9:00 PM

All Stones Unturned

PopMatters hunts for gems in the Rolling Stones' unreleased 1960s recordings.

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It Always Rains in Their California: An Interview With Menomena

From perilous weather to zealous computer-lovers to instrumental dance accompaniments, the band persists.

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5 Feb 2007 // 9:00 PM

Welcome to Helluary

Begrand finds refuge from a taxing winter in some of the best metal releases of the still-young year, including a highly twisted album from his neck of the Canadian prairies.

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5 Feb 2007 // 9:00 PM

Fountains of Pain

Why does a band so gifted at crafting pleasing pop feel the need to lash out at losers and demand we chortle at half-baked stereotypes?

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5 Feb 2007 // 8:59 PM

Few Musicians Have Won a Wider Audience for Jazz

Has jazz legend Ramsey Lewis ever considered any career other than music? "Well, I'd watch Michael Jordan play and I'd think, 'I'll do that in the next life.' But for now, just put me at a piano and I'm happy."

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May I Refer to Myself in the Third Person?: An Interview With Bobby Conn

For more than a decade, prog/glam/disco terrorist Bobby Conn has been confounding interviewers with almost-plausible tales of career life as the antichrist and a mysterious missing finger, and now there's the risk that Tom and Katie might sue for libel.

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The Purple Experience: Your PopMatters Primer on Prince’s Pop Life

So many Prince albums, but where do you start? Here's a funky little list designed to aid your quest.

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The Critical Untimeliness of Ultimate Prince

A look at the Ultimate Prince that almost never was, the two Prince fans caught up in this final Warner Bros. project, and the prince of the SuperBowl XLI halftime show who may, ultimately, save the record.

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31 Jan 2007 // 9:00 PM

Ali in the Family

Vieux Farka Touré continues his late father's musical legacy with a weathered voice, poetic passion, and a new debut album.

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Take Flight: An Interview with Red Sparowes

Majestic, monolithically heavy yet full of light and air and structure, Red Sparowes' music may have been informed by metal and hardcore, but it has ended up somewhere else entirely, exploring new territories of shifting dynamics and cinematic scope.

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Where Are They Now?: Hip-Hop Learns How to Look Back in Anger (Management)

The year 2006 was notable for when so many highly visible artists stepped up to sharply criticize, yet still support, the culture; when's the last time so many of your top five dead or alive had so much to say?

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Hip Hop Is Dead: Art, Culture, & Tradition

Homer, Dante, Milton, and Nas: It's bigger than Hip Hop Is Dead.

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One More Drifter in the Snow: An Interview with Aimee Mann

The songwriter looks at the ghost of Christmas past while moving forward.

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The Sounds of Now, Part Three: Anthony Braxton and the Ethics of Improvisation

Jenkins's latest installment in a series of contemporary composer profiles discusses Anthony Braxton, who seems to have looked to music as a means not to erase or ignore cultural dissonance but rather to confront it directly.

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21 Jan 2007 // 9:00 PM

A Darker Shade of Bunk

A recent ruling regarding the royalty rights to Procol Harum's 1967 classic "A Whiter Shade of Pale" could have severe implications for all UK songwriters.

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Hoots, Hollers and Barbaric Yawps

A field guide to unscripted exclamations in the pop-music wilderness.

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All for One and One for All: An Interview With Swan Lake

What happens when you throw three of indie rock's most eccentric songwriters together in a remote cabin on Vancouver Island -- with only guitars and mics for amusement and the nearest bar over a dangerous mountain pass? Swan Lake, that's what.

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Blacklist [New York]

Born out of twin interests in art and activism, the murky and even problematic practice of either has given way to a band that perches on the ledge between hipster fashion and scene critique.

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16 Jan 2007 // 9:00 PM

Tapping the ‘Wire’

The Wire's season-ending musical montage was a culmination, in many ways, of a season filled with musical meaning.

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11 Jan 2007 // 9:01 PM

Slipped Discs 2006

PopMatters' writers share their favorite albums that no one else, including their colleagues, noticed.

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//Mixed media

Robert DeLong Upgraded for 'In the Cards' (Rough Trade Photos + Tour Dates)

// Notes from the Road

"Robert DeLong ups his musical game with his new album In the Cards and his live show gets a boost too.

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