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Silversun Pickups

Something special is happening in Los Angeles, but a band with a sound this big can't be kept secret for long. Silversun Pickups are ascending artists of raucous splendor and inspiring vitality.

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Sounds Better in a Song: An Interview with Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers guitarist Mike Cooley talks with us about the blood and guts inside the Southern rock band's rollicking new album.

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The Creeping Nobodies

Doing it all for the love of the music, Toronto-based band the Creeping Nobodies keeps the romantic dream alive while diligently slogging through the dirty work, finding themselves on the cusp of expanding both their territory and their audience's horizons.

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Lost in the Last Attack: Recovering the Comsat Angels

The retro-postpunk wave seems to have crested, but the Comsat Angels at their best transcended trends and flew the genre coop, traveling on their heavenly wings straight for greatness.

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On the Necessity of Listening As Confrontation

How can you possibly know why you 'like' something you assume you like unless you confront that which you have dismissed? Jenkins discusses the importance of spending time with the music that immediately displeases us.

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16 Apr 2006 // 10:00 PM

The Time to Kill Is Now!

The least poetic of metal bands, Cannibal Corpse has gone to disturbing lengths to make gruesomeness its cold, calculated calling card.

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Granola Funk Express

Few would think to look for hip-hop explorers in the hills of North Carolina, but this collective has been mining beats and crafting thoughtful rhymes for almost a decade. Meet Granola Funk Express, the new children of a revolution.

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12 Apr 2006 // 1:00 AM

The Therapeutic Philosophy of Matthew Barber

The Canadian singer-songwriter may seem like another Jack Johnson-y AOR man purveying soporific pseudo-soul background music. But considering his degree in philosophy, could it be he's trying to find a way to bring Wittgenstein to the masses?

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The Not-So-Freewheelin’ Vashti Bunyan

After being on break for nearly half a lifetime, the singer returns to make sure it's her vision on record.

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31 Mar 2006 // 1:00 AM

Grab Bag

In this hodge-podge mix of soundtracks, we find some exceptional scoring, competent storytelling, tween packaging, and some poor reissues and television compilations.

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The State of the Ark in the United States, or Why a Glam Rock Band Could Change Your Life

Ola Salo explains his band's semi-political, melancholic, and eternal rump shakers.

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The Redcoats Are Coming!  The British Invasion of SXSW ‘06

Ellis spends four days in Austin looking for the finest exports from Tony Blair's Cool Britannia. In lieu of monkeys, magic numbers, and Moz, his search yields Casio-pop, California harmonies, and communal sing-along epics.

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20 Mar 2006 // 10:00 PM

Gag Order

Pink takes on the popular stupid girls, but only a little.

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17 Mar 2006 // 1:03 AM

Docility and Power: An Interview with Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle's Zak Stevens just can't leave the business.

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15 Mar 2006 // 10:00 PM

The Queen Isn’t Dead

Fearing an embarrassing failure on the scale of the Star Wars prequels, Begrand braves Queensryche's new sequel to its 20-year-old masterpiece Operation: Mindcrime.

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The Power of Film Music

The 10 soundtracks discussed in this installment of Surround Sound reflect a variety of styles, genres and approaches to film music. But in the end, all of them are similar in the way they try to enhance our viewing experience.

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13 Mar 2006 // 1:00 AM

Get Steady

Championed by the NME but totally unknown in America, Jonny Dubowsky's band Jonny Lives! may be on the brink of fame. Or are they on the road to nowhere?.

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10 Mar 2006 // 1:00 AM

Louisville Born, Brooklyn Based

How post-rock forefather David Grubbs paved the road from punk to the American avant-garde.

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The Sound: A Musical Missing Link, Waiting to Be Rediscovered

It's difficult to imagine in today's environment of light speed information dissemination, but there was once a band whose debut album received five-star reviews from both New Musical Express and Melody Maker, and yet that group never gained anywhere near the level of popularity they deserved. The Sound were one of the very finest bands of the post-punk era.

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Indie in Tweenville: TRL Awards 2006

Four doors (and one burly guard) separate the outside world from America's prime purveyor of teeny pop. PopMatters' Andrew Phillips walks cautiously through all four to face his demons at MTV's TRL awards.

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