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1 Mar 2006 // 12:03 AM

Escena Social Quebrada: An Interview with Apostle of Hustle

Broken Social Scene guitarist and amateur musicologist Andrew Whiteman talks about his Latin-influenced band, Apostle of Hustle, which he hopes won't be mistaken as 'indie'.

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27 Feb 2006 // 12:00 AM

China Syndrome

The garage-punk band Subs are from China, and they wish that didn't interest you.

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24 Feb 2006 // 12:00 AM

Tiny Dancers

While the press spotlight might be on Sheffield for more simian reasons, the often-overlooked city has more than one reason to be proud. And if the magic of budding promise can be maintained, Tiny Dancers just might steal the show.

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Feminine But Not Feminist

Why some 'girl groups' must be identified as such and others feel inclined to avoid feminist descriptors: Cober-Lake gauges the cumulative effect of gender-obsessed definitions.

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The Profiler: Prestige Deserved and Revived as a Welcome Name

With a deep catalog spanning a specifically fertile period in jazz and including performances from some of the greatest names in jazz history, the revival of the Prestige label is celebrated with a massive simultaneous release of artist-specific compilations and samplers. But do the releases prove the vitality of the vaults? Results may vary.

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20 Feb 2006 // 12:00 AM

From Inner Sounds to Astro Sounds

Not only did the arrangers and session musicians behind 1950s mood music pioneer psychedelia's studio tricks, they also produced a few of the most mind-blowing discs of the era. Here, the story of how the Id, a pseudo-band of session musicians, inadvertently joined forces with a few small-time-scammer record execs to produce not one but three classics -- from the same recordings.

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16 Feb 2006 // 9:00 PM

Wild Wanda Jackson

The self-described 'Fujiyama Mama' of '50s rockabilly was a hard-headed, bare-knuckled antithesis to the era's prevailing gender expectations.

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Future Funk Soldier: Looking Back on Jay Dee by Looking Forward

Though many of his production techniques had been innovated by other producers, Dilla arranged them in a new fashion and took them to a logical extreme. In a sense, he helped bridge hip-hop's transition from Pete Rock, Prince Paul and Premier to Pharrell and Timbaland.

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From Concert Halls to Rock Dives: An Interview with Padma Newsome of Clogs

A longstanding collaboration between classically trained musicians bears intricate, improvised fruit in Lantern.

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14 Feb 2006 // 9:00 PM

The Profits of Doom

A once-uncool and admittedly limiting metal subgenre is poised to become the Next Big Thing in loud music -- that is, if the metal community lets it guard down long enough to accept it.

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The Cut-Out Bin #5: Genevieve Waite, Romance Is on the Rise (1974)

After the Mamas and the Papas, John Phillips found his muse in this South African model-actress and indulged her wish to become a singer. The result? This rarely heard record of campy cabaret.

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The Cut-Out Bin #5: George Michael, Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (1990)

After 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', maybe this record's title asked too much. Still, this song cycle has the ambition of Stevie Wonder's 1970s work and Michael nearly had the talent to pull it off.

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The Cut-Out Bin #5: The Carpenters, The Carpenters (1971)

Forget horror-core and death metal, the most terrifying and emotionally exhausting album ever made may be this soft-pop classic.

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9 Feb 2006 // 12:00 AM

No Sleep ‘Til Anaheim

A road trip with the teen punk-pop band the Willowz, Orange County's answer to Redd Kross.

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George Michael, Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (1990)

After "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", maybe this record's title asked too much. Still, this song cycle has the ambition of Stevie Wonder's 1970s work and Michael nearly had the talent to pull it off.

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Man Man Lets Its Demons Out of the Bag

Members of Man Man come clean about the reconfigured band, the new tour, and the new record (that draws inspiration from, among other things, Furbies!) -- proof that the band's darkest days may be behind them.

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5 Feb 2006 // 9:00 PM

If 6 Was ‘06…

With the ritualistic deluge of year-end music lists barely behind us, Nishimoto offers up a different kind of list to help hip-hop's 2006 future learn from its 2005 mistakes.

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3 Feb 2006 // 12:03 AM

To Hell and Back: An Interview with Cage

Having survived a nightmarish upbringing and bouts of mental illness, underground rapper Cage went on to make a career of glorifying drugs, violence and insanity on records that even offended himself. Now, with Hell's Winter, he's trying to rid himself of the horror-core tag.

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2 Feb 2006 // 12:00 AM

Kanye Walks

By making public his struggles with living a devout life, Kanye West makes such a lifestyle so much more accessible and valuable to the very folk that need spirituality to get them through the day to day. West becomes the receptacle for the folk to think of a 'Jesus' that is truly of the people.

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The Oranges Band

Roman Kuebler doesn't want to shake the foundations of music. After years of working to support Baltimore's local scene, he's content to make the music he likes. It just so happens that said music has become something globally transcendent.

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