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Less Smooch, More Dance: An Interview with the Clientele

The Clientele's Alasdair Maclean tells us everything we need to know, from A to K.

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Gritty Soul Men: Remembering Lou Rawls and Wilson Pickett

Grit was not just about the 'sound' of soul, but also the grittier social and political realities that soul music offered transcendence from. The recent deaths of Lou Rawls and Wilson Pickett mark the passing of two of the grittiest Soul Men to walk the earth.

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26 Jan 2006 // 9:00 PM

Sweet Relief

What if you could have the majestic intensity of metal music without the overblown male bravado? One Dutch band's frontwoman sheds some light on goth-tinged rock and single-handedly alters the dimensions of doom.

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26 Jan 2006 // 12:00 AM

Eyes Like Knives

Call it ambition, passion, or what you will. In an age of taut, chapbook-like albums, Eyes Like Knives aren't afraid to make feedback-drenched opuses.

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Bring on the Major Leagues

When major labels promote indie bands, sucking up the air that truly independent music needs to breathe, will the music stop developing altogether? Will we be stuck with Strokes and Rilo Kiley retreads forever?

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25 Jan 2006 // 12:03 AM

Breathing Jazz

Trumpeter Maurice Brown on surviving Hurricane Katrina.

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Giving It Back to the Kids

Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew takes a bubbly approach to making an album under the microscope.

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The Last Temptation of the Completist

As record companies empty their vaults and bring forth an unending supply of alternates, remixes and studio-session outtakes, even the most definitive pop masterpieces can seem provisional. But as our curiosity about these works gets sated, is our pleasure in their greatness diminished?

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Write On! Musings on Music Journalism

Think you have the skills to be a music journalist? Take this test and judge for yourself.

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Slightly Bigger: Interview with James Blunt

Most humans are quite similar and we're just trying to get through the world together. James Blunt talks about touring America, writing songs, and his new life as one of music's most successful newcomers.

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13 Jan 2006 // 12:00 AM

Slipped Discs

Rather than pulling out their hair over our year-end list, our writers make sure those overlooked albums from 2005 get their due.

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Chuck Berry: A-Merry-Can Rebel

Hail! Hail! One of rock 'n' roll's most innovative mavericks whose dissenting rebellion was fueled by subversive humor.

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12 Jan 2006 // 12:03 AM

Living the Martian Dream

Tomo Milicevic of 30 Seconds to Mars tells you how to go from nameless fan to unpretty rock star in a few easy steps.

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Rainbow and Flower Talk: An Interview with Morcheeba

Morcheeba's Ross Godfrey travels the world, gets the band back together, and speeds through singers.

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Songs Without Words, or So They Say: A Meditation on Titles

Exactly how should the title of a wordless piece of music influence our experience of the music itself? Jenkins muses on how titles interact with the instrumental pieces they represent and, furthermore, on musical selections with no titles at all.

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Of Anger and Twitching: An Interview with John Cale

John Cale talks about his driving impulses, experimental art, and catchy songs. One gets the sense that he's searching (and has long searched) for the place where rock and the avant-garde meet in perfect harmony.

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23 Dec 2005 // 12:00 AM

Best in Show 2005

Here then, are our best and worst live moments of 2005, a collection of extreme shows, inspired theatrics, and performances that, for better or worse, made our pens run dry.

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XXX—Born to Lose, Live to Win

Ugly as sin and utterly uncompromising for 30 years, now, Motörhead remains the squarest of pegs in an industry obsessed by round holes.

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Tall Pines Reaching the Sky: Interview with Jere Cherryholmes

'I tell people, when they talk about how much they grow on their instruments, its like watching them grow physically.' Cherryholmes patriarch, Jere Cherryholmes, talks to PopMatters about his talented family.

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21 Dec 2005 // 12:00 AM

The Year in Canadian Rock

The sound of this decade is being cobbled together by witch doctor rock collectives in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. So please excuse the intensity, we are ecstatic. And as our enthusiasm spreads so does the range of talent. And as the novelty inevitably wears off, what will remain is a shitload of great bands.

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St. Vincent, Beck, and More Heat Up Boston Calling on Memorial Day Weekend

// Notes from the Road

"With vibrant performances by artists including St. Vincent and TV on the Radio, the first half of the bi-annual Boston Calling Festival brought additional excitement to Memorial Day weekend.

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