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Wednesday, June 4 2014

For All the Misfits and the Losers: ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ Brings the Underdog to Broadway

That Hedwig is claiming so much success without losing its more challenging aspects and picking up “quadruple threat” Neil Patrick Harris in the process is nothing short of a miracle.

Wednesday, May 21 2014

Shakespeare’s Wit and Humor, Pathos and Anger Remains Vital, 450 Years After His Birth

As the creator of iambic fictions, Shakespeare is the ultimate meme. His name stirs a cascade of associations, memories and feelings in all who are touched by his work.

Sunday, January 20 2013

Verily Remixing: An Interview with Duncan Sheik

After conquering the pop charts, the Tony Awards, and a nice set of noted 80s covers, Duncan Sheik sets his sights on a new frontier: remixes. Sitting down with PopMatters, he talks about the album, American Psycho, and what lies ahead for the power pop enigma ...

Thursday, September 13 2012

Darkest America: Black Minstrelsy from Slavery to Hip-Hop

An exploration and celebration of a controversial tradition that, contrary to popular opinion, is alive and active after more than 150 years.

Tuesday, April 26 2011

Celebrity and the Celebration of Art: The Transformation of Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch’s body of work is impressive. So what has previously prevented his transformation from a highly talented, sought-after actor to bona fide international celebrity?

Sunday, March 27 2011

National Theatre Live Shocks ‘Frankenstein’ Back to Life

Why did you create me? The plaintive question adorning National Theatre Live posters may echo critics’ question about the need for yet another in a long line of Frankensteins. Previous Frankensteins and monsters have been entertaining but less socially relevant. The National Theatre’s production, as directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle, to use a cliché, is Alive!

Monday, February 28 2011

Sneak Peek at ‘The Book of Mormon’

South Park creators and societal scab-pickers Trey Parker and Matt Stone are fascinated by Mormonism. A few weeks before official previews were set to begin, the creators of The Book of Mormon opened the doors to their rehearsal space and gave writers a sneak peek. Here's what we saw.

Sunday, January 17 2010

Hamburg: Art, with Its Sleeves Rolled Up

You won't spot a castle or a moat or even an oversized ego in this town, as it's the work that counts in this port city. High-quality substance is valued over prima donna celebrity, as we discover from the premiere of Richard Wagner's Siegfried.

Wednesday, March 18 2009

Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Strange Interlude’

The Neo Futurists take what may be O’Neill’s most gut-wrenching work and make dry hijinks from inception to final bow.

Thursday, June 26 2008

Samuel Beckett: Beyond the Endgame

Beckett’s dramatic work has been largely viewed as Theater of the Absurd but make no mistake, Endgame is Waiting for Godot's evil twin.

Thursday, June 5 2008

Adah Isaacs Menken: The First Broadway Star

A predecessor to virtually all stage and screen sirens, Menken thumbed her nose at the Victorian fetish for decorum that deformed the female figure, and celebrated her body electric, firm and active before being wasted from typhus or riddled by bullets.

Thursday, May 29 2008

Fuse Box 2008 Part II

I felt as if a toy box had been opened and I got to spend the week playing with everything inside. It felt surreal, no, sub-real; toying with communication and twisting conventions.

Wednesday, May 28 2008

Fuse Box 2008 Part I

Etiquette breaks down that fourth wall, invites you in, sits you down at its table, and serves you a glass of confusion that implies you are witnessing a suicide.

Thursday, August 16 2007

Henrik Ibsen: The Courage of the Loss of One’s Convictions

This collection of Ibsen's plays is something of an event -- one that is not likely to be repeated anytime soon -- worthy of our attention and, perhaps, even our gratitude.

Thursday, December 21 2006

Rock of Stages: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Lust

Can Duncan Sheik -- assisted by a fleet of 100-year-old horny German teens -- save the rock musical from itself?

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