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Monday, August 15 2005

In Her Blood: Barbara Bel Geddes (1922-2005)

If she is best remembered as Miss Ellie, Barbara Bel Geddes made an impact on every entertainment medium she took on.

Friday, July 1 2005

Mirror, Mirror, Cell Phone Call

On American Idol, complacently average Americans can cast cathartic votes for their favorite dork contestant to heal their inner ugly duckling. But don't mistake the winners for actual artists.

American Idol and the Myth of Democratic Taste

American Idol exemplifies the illusory power of voting when the system's core values are rigged. See also, American elections.

Middle-American Idol

Idol's secret fan base is really parents pawning their love for the show on unimpressed children.

Under the Table and Scheming: American Idol and the New Payola

Gibron considers AI as a blip in the grand historical tradition of corporate music trash.

Bad Hair and Rad Fashion: How a Jaded Hipster Can Heart Idol and Keep His Lengthy

A world weary music critic admits his guilt-free love of AI.

Monday, June 27 2005

Losing Our Hare

With its futuristic Loonatics, Warner Bros. buries an American icon under comic-book bluster and video-gamey gunk, driving an unapologetic final nail into Bugs Bunny's cartoon coffin.

Friday, June 3 2005

Second to None: Howard Morris (1919-2005)

When the diminutive dynamo passed away on 21 May at 85, he left behind a legacy made up of brilliant creations, both live action and animated.

Friday, May 27 2005


We've all heard too much about filibusters, gay marriages, Terri Schiavo, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, red states and blue states, steroids, and Condi's 'Evita Goes to Europe' Tour.

Thursday, May 26 2005

The Great Creativity Challenge

Ever since the coaxial met the cathode ray, a competition has raged.

Monday, May 23 2005

Deathwatch 2005: Terry Schiavo and the Pope Antidote

When John Paul went from Pontiff to patient, he seemed to instantly wipe Terry and her hot button harangue off the map.

Wednesday, May 11 2005


Let's stop blaming Janet's boob. The FCC's new effectiveness is a function of chest pounding, not exposing.

Thursday, April 14 2005

Watchful Eyes

Kids want entertaining visuals: bright colors, silly action, friendly faces. Songs are good too, inane songs that play in endless loops.

Tuesday, March 29 2005

Because I Said So: Robert Blake and the Media Blame Game

According to the law, and the Constitution we used to hold so dear, Robert Blake is an innocent man. Just don't expect the media to take the court's word for it.

Wednesday, March 23 2005

PopMatters Film Feature

Among the strangest spectacles available these days is the televised poker tournament.

Monday, January 24 2005

Funny with Class: Johnny Carson, 1925-2005

It was Carson's personal barometer for value that shaped pop cultural tastes, and in many ways continues to do so. Carson knew what was funny, and he knew how important funny was in difficult times. And he did funny with class.

Heeeere’s to Johnny…: Johnny Carson, 1925-2005

Johnny Carson was a comedic genius and lord of the evening talk show format whom generations of viewers welcomed into their homes for roughly three decades.

Tuesday, January 4 2005

Testament to His Craft: Jerry Orbach, 1935-2004

In the midst of the flash and cacophony issuing from the Idiot Box, Jerry Orbach emerged as a singular talent, his work an oasis of depth and humanity.

Wednesday, December 1 2004

Five Years of PopMatters: Television

Television continues to be a captivating window into our world, for better or for worse, and throughout all these shifts and events, PopMatters has worked to keep readers informed of what's going on in the strange universe of the boob tube.

Tuesday, November 2 2004

Real News

Perhaps Stewart and the Daily Show faux journalists offer something more like a traditional Fourth Estate's resistance to spin and message. Occasionally, they even push boundaries of what 'news' might do, encourage consumers to be skeptical and pissed off.

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