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Monday, July 14 2003

Business As Usual

While Spike TV's philosophy may seem abrasive to some viewers, its content hardly deviates from standard television fare.

Sunday, May 18 2003

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Lord of the Nerds

Buffy is often mentioned specifically as a "female empowerment" show, but one of its most inviting aspects is the way its cast has always been uncommonly split between guys and girls.

Monday, May 12 2003

How Come Elmo Isn’t a Girl?

We expect more from PBS. The competition is too stiff now, with four other networks showing commercial-free preschool programming. PBS Kids: It's time for really new ideas.

Monday, March 31 2003

World Without Parents

Tell me the Tubby home doesn't resemble a bomb shelter.

Monday, March 3 2003

The Unfathomable Goodness of Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers was in a class all his own.

Not My Neighborhood

I didn't live in Mister Rogers' neighborhood. In fact the South Bronx was far removed from the white-bred and sanitized world where Rogers existed.


I remember as a toddler being damn near being reduced to tears of relief and exhilaration when Mr. Rogers looked me in the eye and recognized my own inner dramas. Through the course of an episode he gently untied all the psychic knots that get twisted in the mind of a troubled childhood.

Monday, February 10 2003

Same Old, Same Old

Martin Bashir's effort to catch Jackson out, to expose even the slightest craziness, was evident from the outset.

Covering Columbia

When it comes to major events, the dedicated news channels have become increasingly reliant on centering their broadcasts on provocative imagery.

And Now He’s Got the Stubble

When Michael Jackson calls Tony Mottola 'devilish' or dangles his baby, the media grind into high gear for weeks.

Tuesday, February 4 2003

Bulls on Parade

The Super Bowl exemplified the star-spangled ethos of a nation, glossed over and wrapped up in a monumental production.

“Can’t you see what you mean to me?”: A Tribute to Nell Carter

Nell Carter, who died January 23 at age 54, will be remembered by many for her tough-as-nails, but also motherly and loving housekeeper, Nell Harper on the NBC sitcom Gimme a Break!.

Thursday, January 9 2003

Male Bashing on TV

Welcome to the new comic image of men on TV: incompetence at its worst.

Thursday, November 7 2002

How Much Is Enough?

Inclusion, however desirable, is going to be far more difficult to achieve than some advocates would have us believe.

Monday, November 4 2002

Leading the Parade

Aside from the fact that Bill O'Reilly tells us he is right, why should we listen to him anyway?

Monday, October 28 2002

Killing Machine

This past weekend's TV (25-27 Oct 2002) has been rife with efforts to describe, reframe, and sensationalize the sniper story.

Monday, July 22 2002

Reality Slights

That first U.S. 'Big Brother' may not have made 'great television,' but the cast and producers of 'Big Brother' -- whether they intended to or not -- offered a positive take on about human nature.

Tuesday, June 18 2002

When Does Reality TV Become Child Abuse?

Why would anyone, let alone TV producers, construct an environment that might result in hunger, where youngsters have to go to bed with empty stomachs?

Friday, March 1 2002

The Case for Gay TV

We don't need to be entertained; we are actually quite good at entertaining ourselves, and we are quite accustomed to reframing 'straight' tv and films for our amusement.

Thursday, September 27 2001

Tears, Fears, and Mariah Carey

A Tribute to Heroes', why I was glad to see that she looked less frazzled than I expected.

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