The Power of Bullshit in 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller'

The Power of Bullshit in 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller'

By Shayna Murphy

29 Jun 2016 // 2:15 AM

In McCabe & Mrs. Miller, the 1971 western directed by Robert Altman, bullshit seems like the stuff empires are built on, but as we quickly come to find out, it can also turn to quicksand....

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Wim Wenders' Road Movies as Journeys of Disaffection

By Chadwick Jenkins

27 Jun 2016 // 2:15 AM

With his "Road Trilogy", Wenders suggests that to find our place, we must be displaced. ...

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How 'Independence Day', 'Armageddon' and Others Bred the Schlockbuster>

As Jeff Goldblum says in a rather different disaster film now in theaters: "They like to get the landmarks."...

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'Tickled' Looks at Subculture and Companies That Profit From It>

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'99 River Street' Feints and Punches

// Short Ends and Leader

"This noir throws several clever misdirections at the viewer.

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