Deconstructing the Avengers: Good and Bad Language

Deconstructing the Avengers: Good and Bad Language

By Andrea Tallarita

12 Oct 2015 // 2:02 AM

From the very outset Age of Ultron was weighed down by a lot of artistic, cultural, and commercial expectations: You don't take care of this particular problem by adding more weight....

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Rooting for Harry Lime: 'The Third Man' As Morally Ambiguous Heterotopia

By Carl Wilson

7 Oct 2015 // 2:02 AM

The Third Man's film-noir vision of a fractured postwar landscape creates an ‘other space’ (heterotopia), through which its moral realities and boundaries still resonate....

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'Steve Jobs' Is Smart, Energetic, Compelling, Just Like the Man>

Compelling subject. Fast-paced, exhilarating dialogue. Focused direction that maintains an almost ruthless pace....

With 'Bridge of Spies', Steven Spielberg Continues His Fascination With American History>

Ellen Page Embraces Open Life: "I Could Not Be Happier">

For 'Star Wars' Fans in Middle-age, Force Is Still Strong>

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Accidentally Preserved Kickstarts Silents

// Short Ends and Leader

"Finally, a place where new technology meets old cinema for today's silent film fans.

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