A Parallel History of America Through Filmmaker Debra Granik

A Parallel History of America Through Filmmaker Debra Granik

By Jose Solis

24 Jun 2015 // 8:42 AM

Sure, Debra Granik helped direct Jennifer Lawrence to her first Oscar nod, but her new motorcycle documentary gives her oeuvre a theme: films about the neglected and disenfranchised in America....

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Jean-Luc Godard: A Montage of Attractions

By Chris Robé

23 Jun 2015 // 2:02 AM

The montage approach that Jean-Luc Godard celebrates in his films would become the driving force behind Historie(s) du cinéma....

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'Eden' Spins a Poetic Tale of France's Early Electronic Music Scene>

Eden is a rare film scaled both big and small, paying close attention to tiny details of emotional development and the larger forces working to shape them....

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Ten Great Criterion Titles: What to Watch and Why

// Short Ends and Leader

"As the Criterion Collection's ever-growing roster shows, there are simply too many great pictures out on home video to know what to do with.

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