The Society of the 'Fight Club' Is the Society of the Spectacle

The Society of the 'Fight Club' Is the Society of the Spectacle

By Carl Wilson

24 Jul 2017 // 3:00 AM

All work and no play make Fight Club's Jack deconstruct life, Cinema, and his own sanity. ...

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The True Origin of the Superhero Film Craze? 'X-Men' Comics

By Michael Curley

21 Jul 2017 // 3:00 AM

Bryan Singer's first X-Men film launched the comic book film craze that is still sweeping through Hollywood. But it had a predecessor in Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men Volume 1....

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Film 'Nobody Speak' Offers a Chilling View of the Challenges in a World of Trump and Billionaires>

Many Americans felt anxious after the election of President Donald Trump. But few harbored the dread that Brian Knappenberger did....

Playing Tupac's Mom in 'Eyez' Just Expanded the Love Danai Gurira Has For Rapper's Story>

How 'Star Wars' Blazed a Path for Filmmakers Across the Galaxy>

Netflix and Amazon Are Using Disparate Strategies With Their War Films This Month>

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'The Female Animal' Is Better Than She Seems

// Short Ends and Leader

"Film buffs interested in Hollywood's stealthy attempts to be more frankly sexual may enjoy The Female Animal.

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